Thursday, May 05, 2011

DOW down 80 points. It means nothing to KLCI, actually.

Stock Stalk

DRB : Touched support 2.16 yesterday. Bearish. Perhaps at RM2 could be a good entry?

8.50 am : Another ace-baby listing - Biolerm. I read a little about her, related to plantation. IPO at 0.33 but huge queueing at 0.815 now. WOW. More than 100% in a day!! No wonder everyone rushing to subscribe to IPOs now.

10.30 am : Not so hectic but still busy.

EAH : Up a little today, sign of exhaustion of sellings?

3.55 pm : KLCI down 7 points!!

Masteel : Formed a hammer yesterday, bargain-hunters back.

HapSeng : At 5.90 now, reversal seen. Going for HapSeng-ca?.

Our five fingers

Taken from :

He also mentioned that just like the 5 fingers in our hand, we have 5 temperament; and need to use it wisely when dealing with the other members. He explained:

1. The thumb represents giving praise to others - just like when we give a thumbs up to another person;

2. The forfinger represents giving direction/instruction/guidance to others;

3. The middle finger represents anger or conflict. Showing anger (or the middle finger) in a meeting is a big No-no!

4. The ring finger represents having heart to heart with other members. Just like rings on a married couple.

5. The little finger represents having trust or keeping promises. Remember how we lock our little fingers together meaning we’re making promises when we’re small?

e-book : Ipad

I have always wanting to have a 'book' in my hand, anywhere I go ... having meals, while waiting in queues or such. An e-book concept came into picture years ago and I was excited to buy the gadget(Kindle) - now Apple's Ipad is a hit. It is more than an e-book now. One day, I might consider buying an Ipad as use it as my e-book.


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