Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday ... got a class and still marking papers. So, no time to check on charts and such.

AC : I met him last last, as he was at Sunway Pyramid speaking for an hour about stock investments. Then, I was the few(was I the only one?) to let him signed my two books written by him. I do like Money Secrets. Thanks, Andrew. Nice to meet a person like you.

1st Secret : Only when you are hungry, will you have the passion to succeed.

I do many of things and do well only a few which I passionately love doing. I do play badminton and was in school chess team but I cant say I am passionate enough to excel in those games. I do enjoy playing with my friends and that was it. No proper training, no motivation to do it everyday, every hour!! I could beat any average person in badminton or chess but nothing further than that.

When I was in form 1, I found my little passion with world map!! Ilmu Alam(they called it Geography now). I could re-cite all the countries in the world and if you give me a map, I could tell you where exactly ... say, Surinam or Luxembourg or Mali are. I studied the mountains, rivers and 'landscape' of the countries. Heck ... I dont even care if they are in the 'syllabus' for exams as I do it passionately FROM MY OWN VIEW. I written my own syllabus!! Haha. I was in my young teen, then.

When I was in form 4, I found my next passion .. Mathematics. Perhaps I was spurred by my aunty who was teaching primary Maths and told me that Additional Maths in form 4/5 is NOT for everyone. She knew my Maths was not that good. I got A2 for my SRP(form three exams then) when about almost ALL in our class 3P1(so-called a good class) obtained A1 in Maths. All my friends got A1, I got an A2. I was determine to be good in Maths ... that was how I started to practise doing Maths in DAILY basis for about 3-4 hours per day!! Till I was in form 6, I did my STPM "Matematik Lanjutan". The feel of NOT GOOD ENOUGH spurred me to excel in Maths and being one of the top in Maths in my school. The dream to teach Maths well, when I was in form 4 was very strong then. That is how I ended up teaching Maths and been doing that for the past 20+ years!! Still like every classes!! Haha.

Yup, that is "BE HUNGRY", Andrew's first chapter in "Money Secrets". I do think I have such character ... being hungry in what I want to do. Too bad, I was not money-minded since young. I only came to realisation about the importance of money when I married. I AM simple(still and always will) ... I dont need much money to 'survive' happily. I am not material-crazy. I can live with my simple wan-tan-mee everyday with my kopi. But ... my wife and kids need money to be 'normal'. Normal human needs money ... lots of it if possible. They need to upgrade their cars, handphones, keeping up with Janes&Jones, to be seen as they are of higher status blah blah ... dont let me start how stupid human could be. I m from a poor family, money WAS the center of all events and sadness!!

Back to being hungry ... being passionate. I am still passionate about my bowling. I am 'naturally' liking to TEACH. SO, I teach Maths and Bowling. Today, I m hungry for knowledge in investment and trading. So, it it natural that I want to teach investment and trading one day ... when I retire from teaching Maths? Anyone want to register now? DIscount 20% for early birds! Haha.

I am still writing this blog, in daily basis for past 3 years now. It is simple when you are not pressurised or forced to do something. You are more genuine and relax too ... there are some readers told me that they like my reading my blog as it is updated regularly!! Haha. I do have a reader who is NOT in market but 'accidentally' found my blog and has been reading my writing since then. That motivates me to write ...?

I will like to guide my kids about MONEY. That will be my next motive. Teaching them about MONEY, how to invest will be my main motive now. Teaching them how to save and what is the significance of money in our lives - with or without MONEY.

If you have money, tonnes of it, and still unhappy ... guess what? You are not the only one. MANY of them do not know where to draw the lines. No one will tell you they have ENOUGH money, otherwise ... how the GREED could be created, right?

Be hungry ... be passionate with what we want to do. Create the passion in our doings. Search for the passion to excel. Then, you will understand how I could wake up 6am in the Sunday morning to read Andrew's Chapter 1 "Be hungry" and being so hungry to share with you ... this morning post. I do not get a single cent from writing these!! It is purely passion to share!! Dont know how to explain "passion" to share la ... hmm money thingy also can do so happily meh? Haha.

Time for breakfast as I am hungry! Haha.

To my many 'loyal' readers out there, thanks for the motivation.

Have a nice Sunday ahead.



chanlh said...

ohayo, TQ 4 a pleasure music in sunday a.m. i like most of d singers n songs u posted.

i came across ur blog when i search 4 investment info last month. It seems is a routine 4 me to read ur blog everyday not only 4 d share info but what u posted is interesting 2 me. Thanks again.

Ping said...

Heart-warming article. As Steve Jobs would say "Stay hungry, stay foolish".

monas said...

Teh. I'm inspired and motivated by your story. Thank 4 whatever you write. I never misss to read your blog everyday. I hope i can follow your style.