Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday ... marking papers day with another 3 hours of classes later.

I-phone, I-pad or I-pod?? Which one should I grab? It is like asking DRB-cw .. so many, which one to choose? So, it is depending which one is more practical, right? I might go for I-pod after consulting my young turtle, PT. Haha

A, B and C Stock Watch Affin : Resistance at 3.60, breaking that soon. Affin, AMMB and RHB in news again. Time to look back into Affin-cd or AMMB-cw. BStead : Reaching RM5.90 again soon. Buying should be at RM5.20 during correction. I am watching her as one of my client, NJ, still holding to her, I think. CIMB : Resistance 8.45. Checking on her babies.

Doctor in the house : I wanted to buy this book but it is too thick and I am too busy to read. So, I did not grab it YET. Again, I do respect Dr M the most ... for his brilliance ways of getting things HIS way. Yes, I did it my way ... as he sings.

note : I have wanted to do some homework on banking's CWs two weeks ago but too busy and 'lost' the opportunities to grab some of them which shot up 20-30%. BUSY is an excuse!!

7.20 pm : Done with nice dinner - home-cooked. hehe.

Kencana-cc : Clear tmr for profits and change with Kencana-cd. Kencana-cd higher volume, longer expiry date and low premium.

Media-ca : Worth a punt ... with election theme is playing.

UEMLand-cg : Accumulating ...

MRCB-ce : Another election babe to consider ... punt punt!! Haha. As O&G is too hot to handle now, I m looking into property-construction-election theme. UEMLand and MRCB worth punting. Hmm ...

Reversal : JCY and MEGB. Flew off.


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Polite Market said...

You ask readers to visit you three years later. That three years never change. When the three years will end?