Saturday, April 02, 2011

Stock Watch

WCT : Breaking RM3.09 currently, RSI in 50+, more upside seen till 3.24 and 3.30 resistance. I remember I asked YH to buy(on the spot she on her pc and bought her at RM3.03. Haha) WCT on Thursday as I bought into WCT-wc after observing her for a month now. WCT-wc is a new warrant with much higher volume(interests). It flew off to 0.80 and my queue to sell done. So, seeing the momentum, I bought back some at 0.78(0.77 and below not done as it only touched 0.775). I will ride on her and add my positions as it moves higher(a reason for me to clear my Kulim-wc and QL-wa ... I still like them but no bullets to buy-n-hold).

Technically, WCT will move higher ... do not ask me if one should buy on Monday. Another 10% from WCT-wc will see me clearing. But, I will accumulate more on Monday or perhaps going for quick punt into WCT-cc. Dont ask my cc ... these are cousins, my cc-family. Haha

Liverpool lost. So ... I want to sleep!! night.


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