Saturday, April 09, 2011

Stock Watch

GenM : Breakout of 3.65 at 31st March, reached a new high at 3.84. Currently, will be testing that level again. RSI at 65.8. Time to exit when it reaches 3.84 for me. I am still holding GenM-cp at average 0.183. Exiting at 0.195-0.200?

Genting : At 11.38, looking at 11.50 level as strong resistance. RSI at 74.5, dont be silly to BUY. It is time to take profit and sell. As I grabbed back Genting-cv at 0.165, I m seeing GREED in play. Hence, I want out on Monday or Tuesday.

Media : A breakout of resistance at 2.40 level seen at 25th Mac. Since then, has been inching upward. RSI at 73.25, a high level. I grabbed Media-ca at 0.25, see if I could profit from this one. Strong resistance at 2.74. Sell around that level?

MPHB : Breakout observed on Wednesday, 6th April. Possible of forming a flag. There might be a next leg up and my MPHB-cd could do very well. Hold and wait for confirmation. RSI at 65.6


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