Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Wu Yin Liang Pin (無印良品)

Entering from up to 30 singing competitions in town in a single year, where he managed to surface as the winner several times, were also the stepping stones to his successful singing career today. Finally noticed by Asia Pacific Music in the Pioneer karaoke contest, he started to learn Audio Engineering at Ocean Institute Of Audio Engineering during his contract with Asia Pacific Music as a recording artist. After his graduation, Michael produced his first album with two other college mates, Chan and Tan. With the joining of Victor Wong as a singer during that period, they submitted the album, with the theme song written by Michael, "掌心“ (The Palm) to Rock Records, which in turn, signed them up almost immediately. They then formed a duo group more commonly known in Malaysia as Michael & Victor or Guang Liang Pin Guan (光良品冠). In Taiwan and China, they were mostly known as Wu Yin Liang Pin (無印良品), a name given by their record label in Taiwan.

The Album

1. 想見[イ尓] (3:53) feel like seeing you

2. 傷心地鐵 (4:07) heartbreak subway

3. 雨過天晴 (4:15) there'll be sunshine after the rain

4. 沒[イ尓]的日子 (4:20) days without you

5. 起床 (4:09) wake up from the bed

6. 身邊 (4:31) by one's side

7. 恍然大悟 (4:45) now it comes to me

8. I'll Let Her Know (3:41)

9. 説個明白 (4:10) telling you my feelings

10. 想飛越 (4:07) wanna fly over

光良 品冠 - 想见你

光良 + 品 冠 - 掌心

光良 品冠 - 身邊

光良 品冠 - 猜測

光良 品冠 - 是你变了吗

光良 + 品 冠 - 別人都說我們會分開


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