Sunday, April 24, 2011

Liverpool won 5 - 0 but I did not watch the game. I had dinner with my siblings and my bro-in-law said that I need to sleep!! I need two days of sleep and everyone agreed I looked tired.

So, I skipped my usual Liverpool game, skip reading The Edge last night and straight to bed. I really need to rest ... Surprisingly, Suarez did not score but Torres scored(finally) for the Blues.

Good bargains among the not-so-hot stocks

1. E&O
2. Engtex
3. IGB
4. L&G
5. MKH
6. Paramount
7. Parkson
8. Sozo
9. White Horse
10. YTL

These are taken from The Edge. E&O is hot-stock to me, it has always been a good stock to trade due to high liquidity. While L&G once a while being used by syndicates to lure punters(I am not so sure about its fundamentals), one could look into Paramount, a better fundamental property stocks. I read about White Horse and might look more into her for its high dividends. YTL has always in my stock-list(together with her babies - YTLPower, YTLLand, YTL-e ... YTLCement taken off).

IGB is still in my stalk-list tho being 'ignored' since they sold Gardens to Kris. Engtex is a property stock too? I do not know that. Will check on that. While Parkson still in my list, I never look into Sozo(or most of the newly listed IPOs).

So, if I need to do some homework on some of them, it might take me hours!! So, what I do will be checking them technically first. That is 'easier' ... then, read more on the fundamentals if I am interested.

Naim being mentioned. Masteel(and KUB) in news about the MRT in Iskandar. Still checking on news of POS and DRB.

Sunday is time for family ... visiting mom later. But I still have a class later. Dont know if I could have the time to do any work on them today. Too bad ...

HapSeng : Signs of reversal ... watching.

1.oo pm : If you drive to USJ1, Summit here ... one will notice a new development - the Da-Men(big door) which developed by Equine Capital. It is a mixture of office, residential and such. I dont think so I could afford ... but I could afford to buy Equine stock. Will check on her.

Syed Mokhtar's empire building

DRB Hicom is controlled by Syed Mokhtar who also controls a vast array of other businesses such as ports including the nation’s second largest — the Port of Tanjung Pelepas — the nation’s largest independent power producer Malakoff Corp, water treatment plants, national rice supplier Bernas and the national gas distribution business via Gas Malaysia His flagship company MMC Corp is also involved in a joint venture with Gamuda to be the project manager for the KL MRT touted as the nation’s largest ever construction project.

TEH : Is DRB a GLC? Why some reports saying she is not when politically it is obvious that DRB is a GLC? Anyone?


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