Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Kencana : Breaking 2.88, RSI reaching 80. It is a SELL to me. Bye-bye Kencana, see you next round and thanks for the profits.

MPHB : Breakout of 2.75 level. Punting into MPHB-cd.

10.15 am : KLCI down 2 points.

Call-warrantsGenM-cp : Grabbed her at 0.185.

Sapcres-cc : Cleared all. Earned only a dinner.

Kencana-cd : Clearing too ... O&G party is over, for the time being.

MahSing-cb : I hv cleared her yesterday, still up.

DRB-cd : Still holding to clear. Cleared at 0.230 for a dinner.

Genting-cv : Might need to release her at my cost price 0.140.

MPHB-cd : Welcoming my new cd.

MudaJaya-cd : Still up ... good.

Media-ca : Grabbed some too at 0.25 ... election is around the corner!haha.

Lunch time ...

Be patient to clear-la

DRB-cd : No patience ... I cleared hours earlier and it shot up.

MahSing-cb : No patience ... I cleared at 0.425 yesterday, at 0.44 now.

1.55 pm : BJFood ... hmm ... must be delicious, the best stock around and it shot past over Jupiter yesterday. Today, I saw the UMA issued. Hmm ... smell fishy now. Not sure if they serve Sushi? Haha.

Benalac : You know why it is up above 1.50 now, right?

MAA : New high ... reaching Pluto, perhaps. Out of the space ... I guess it is under-valued and the best insurance company around. Try NOT to make too much of senses about goreng-market now, ok?

Punting vs Trading

There are differences, in my view. At the moment, moving in and out for short-trades using PUNTing Analysis(PA) instead of TA. TA is used for trading(Trading Analysis). Haha ...


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