Tuesday, April 12, 2011

KLCI at 1530 ... losing 15 points now. So, we are in correction OR reversal? See ... we were STILL bullish last week. KLCI started this week with wrong footing, lost some grounds yesterday and the bleeding continues. OUCH. None of my queues to clear done as it dives lower ...

PChem : At 7.10 level now. Wow ...

Genting and GenM : Continue to retrace ... pulling KLCI with them.

WCT : Broken the support RM3 again.

WHY KLCI is diving?

Second major aftershock in a day hits Japan
Written by Reuters Tuesday, 12 April 2011 13:20

TOKYO: A second major aftershock measuring 6.3 rocked northeast Japan on Tuesday, swaying buildings in central Tokyo, shortly after the government upgraded its nuclear crisis to that on par with Chernobyl in 1986. The latest aftershock struck the area of Fukushima, near the crippled Daiichi nuclear plant, said the Japan Meteorological Agency. A 6.3 aftershock hit Chiba prefecture, neighbouring Tokyo, earlier on Tuesday.- Reuters

I am still wondering WHY KLCI is diving, and it is scary!! Technically, it is overbought - so, we do expect profit-taking and start to exit. But, with such a dive, we bare have the time to clear. It is simply too fast ... down!!

Genting : At 10.80 now, back to RM10, possible? RM10.78 is her current support. Next at 10.38, buy at 10.38 then.

PChem-ca : Support at 0.385, to buy more at this level.

3.00 pm : KLCI down 18 points.

3.50 pm : KLCI down 20 points. Another rare occasion. Are we seeing the magical 1511 again? It is historical ... 5.25 pm : Anticipating BN to lose some of their strong hold in Swak. Market is telling us THAT. Politics are strongly correlated in Bursa. It is. Today, I am trimming further and even cleared QL-wa for a loss. Cleared Scable at cost price. Looking to clear more tmr for losses. Bye-bye, Bursa ... I am off for holiday, whatever happens to Sarawak.

I will want to join many bloggers writing about Sarawak. I need to point out that when I visited Sarawak River(river cruise), we were shown the Menteri Besar's white huge PALACE(larger than Istana Negara, I guess). They were so proud of this Menteri Besar, who controlled the WHOLE shits happening in Sarawak for 30 years. Apa macam? I could name 10 persons in MALAYSIA who could be MUCH more richer than Mr Robert, ok? Anyway, till I am free ... I will want to write about Sarawak - Bumi Kenyalang. If the opposition wins also no point. They are also kelam-kabut. Many God helps Malaysia. Sarawak BOLEH!!

11.15 pm : DOW down almost 150 points. CUT CUT again tmr ... off.


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