Monday, April 04, 2011

KLCI above 1560 now ... wow.

10.30 am : Green ... time to SELL again?

EAH : Grabbed EAH in the opening at 0.435. See how far it could go, reversal seen.

MahSing-cb : Glad that I grabbed back. Let it run a while

Selling time as KLCI going more into overbought level.

Kencana-cc : Exiting as planned ... clearing at 0.58, bought at 0.53.

UEMLand : Touching RM3 again ... yeah. Buy or Sell?

11.05 am : Kencana-cc cleared, moving into cd or cf.

11.20 am : Chosen Kencana-cd at 0.435.

MahSing-cb : Queueing to clear at 0.395. Could it be done too?

12.20 pm : Ok ... got to go for lunch. Will check before market closing.

Trading : As market moving higher and higher, CHANCES that it will retreat due to correction are higher too. Hence, anything giving me 10% the next day, I am clearing them.

2.15 pm : Tonnes of paper to mark.

Sapcres-cc : I am impatient ... my average at 0.48, at 0.515 now. I have not obtained my 10% I wanted. Thought of just a short contra. May be I could pick-up and let it go higher?

kencana-cc : I cleared at 0.58 this morning, it is 0.60 now. But, I bought Kencana-cd, can hold longer ma ...

DRB-cd : Grabbed back!! wow!!

cc to cd : I am slowly moving into cd - DRB-cd, Kencana-cd and MudaJaya-cd.

Blundered queue : I checked and noticed that I bought DRB-cd at 0.43(done for 4k units). OUCH!! Due to that, I grabbed more at 0.225. This is my worst blunder since my last blunder with Titan about 2 years ago!!



Anonymous said...

sorry but i tot the highest transacted price for drb-cd is 0.23? how could u bought it at 0.43?

CP said...


yes, i checked too as my eyes might blurred as I m seeing too many stocks. Yes, i double-checked and it is done at 0.43. I supposed to queue for Kencana-cd at 0.43 as I bought earlier at 0.44. So, it is just a top-up.

Thx for your concern. It was about RM800 blunder.