Thursday, April 07, 2011

It might be just another day ... but not for punters or traders in KLSE. We are seeing bull-running, taking a rest for the past few days before another huge surge. I am receiving more e-mail asking me which one to buy or punt next, like I am having a crystal ball and could tell future!! I dont.

So, I normally will 'ignore' such requests. Hey, seriously la ... no one oculd tell you what stocks will move up or down next day or next week, ok? I do not work with anyone, no syndicate-link or gov-link or what-so-ever. I do not even watch Bloomberg or read forums!! I no longer even have contacts telling me this or that stock going to fly soon, watch out! I am too busy ... and no longer even analyse charts!!

Hence, to ask me what call-warrants to punt? Hmm ... you may ask your Indon-maids for opinions. It makes not much of difference, anyway. PUNT ... to PUNT, just flip a coin(haha) ... say, you look into MPHB-cd yesterday morning ... it was up 8% liao, to PUNT or not? Then, you read my blog, hey ... this crazy blogger buying into MPHB-cd, should I punt too?

You hesitated(good) ... so, you flip a coin(unbiased and fair coin assumed here) ... head I buy, tail I wont. Yes, it is HEAD!! BUY BUY ... err ... how many lots? I will flip the coin 20 times ... if I got 12 heads, I will buy 12 lots etc etc. Hmm ... that is how I bought only 12 lots in the morning!! Hehe ... be creative. This tips you wont find it in the trading or investment books, ok? Perhaps I should come up with a book by CPTEH ... hmm ... how to PUNT in KLSE stock market? What do you think? Should I start my draft?

My call-warrants

GenM-cp : With my name CP there, this should give me the confidence!! Hehe

Genting-cv : Genting finally broken 11.10 level of resistance yesterday. I am glad yesterday it started to move ... see if my theory is right.

Media-ca : Bought into her at 0.250, queues at lower level not done. Might top her up later.

MPHB-cd : Average at 0.280, see if I want to take profits(if I could find another CW to punt?) or top up on her if MPHB momentum still there ...

MudaJaya-cd : This one ... let her run, each day inching up.

I am out of O&G call-warrants. Also my fav MahSing-cw and DRB-cw. Yes, from the list above, I m moving into Gaming stocks.

9.20 am : KLCI up 2 points.

PChem-ca : Grabbed her back at 0.52. Mind you, just last week I bought at 0.32 and sold it for >10% profits happily only to see it shooting for Pluto now ...out-of-space now!! BUY BUY.

9.40 am : MPHB-cd : Bought more at 0.290 done moments ago.

10.45 am : Kencana continue to be in profit-taking mode as it reaches its resistance. MahSing testing its resistance too. I shared with WC(the person who SMS me every morning for past two weeks!!) that I am looking at Affin-cd, today it flew off as I m too busy at the moment. Affin testing its resistance too ... check my A,B,C stock post days ago. haha.

WC : Thanks for the re-load. I do know u gained a few trades in this two weeks buying into what I am buying in the morning!! But, please buy AT YOUR OWN risk. Thanks for the re-load again.

Besides Affin-cd, MRCB-ce flew off my grip too. Too many to catch ... I chosen PChem-ca today. Hmmm ... no luck in my Genting and GenM yet.

1.10 pm : Just came back from servicing my Proton. It is not cheap(for low wages person like me, Proton is a luxury, ok?). A check on Proton-stock, it is still below 3.40.

I am officially off for 'holiday'. Nope ... it is no fun as I have to complete all my markings before I could declare FREEDOM = MERDEKA. So, I will stuck in this room, checking my stocks movements while doing some work.

JCY and MEGB : Failed to catch them, reversal ... and going back to IPO value? Wow!!

Genting : At 11.28, what's up? 10% is done if you bought during recent Japan's crisis ... she was at RM10.

GenM : Still in profit-taking mode ... see if big buyers coming in to push her up again. Checking 3.80 level.

4.35 pm : KLCI still 5 points up.

MPHB-cd : Done more at 0.280. Check if there is a rebound tmr for me to sell.

PChem-ca : More done at 0.515. Need to clear it tmr too, ahead of weekend.

Media : At 2.65 now, broken 2.60 level ... check how far Media-ca could go. Top-up at 0.26.

4.50 pm : Let us hope DOW shoot up, KLCI shoots above 1560 tmr and I could SELL most of my CWs for good profits, relax to go for holiday trip. Please ... let us use HOPE ANALYSIS ... and hope. I will check the stars tonight.

Going for bowling. OFF


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Remnant 613 said...

Hap Seng Cons. share price has dropped to low of 6.20 and is deemed cheap wrt. dividend yield,
(with 22 sen due in May pending announcement of ex. date, bonus shares w/ RI + free warrants). Ex. price around RM1.98

Assume simply for comparison:
6.21/3 = RM2.07
Typical dv 7c + 6c = 13c tax exempted

THP dv 12.5c/217
TDM dv 13.5c/290