Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It is Wednesday ... the busiest day of in the week. I will have classes till 8.30pm tonight from 8am this morning.

MU : I am glad MU won ... yeah. Hope they will meet RM in the final.

Kencana : I m stalking her, so I grabbed Kencana-cd this morning at 0.40.

MPHB-cd : Continues to shoot higher, overbought - so, I wont top-up but might think of clearing now. Grab it back during correction.

EAH : Moving again ... do look at EAH-wa for good punt.

Masteel-wa : As I hv cleared some at 0.825, it went to 0.80 level and moving again today.

QL : Breaching 3.20 level now, checking that QL-wa to breach RM1?

10.50 am : MPHB-cd cleared at 0.355. Oh boy ... should I grab her back later? I have good average at 0.31 but did not buy hugely into her when at 0.30.

Call-warrants : From cc to cd

I have moved from cc to cd for call-warrants. So, grabbing Kencana-cd and MPHB-cd or DRB-cd ... still have MudaJaya-cd or even Supermax-cd. MahSing-cd and UemLand-cd are not interesting(no or low volume). Even PChem-cd or MHB-cd do not generate any interest much.

2.20 pm : KLCI up 5 points.

Genting : Reaching for 11.98 high level soon, then it will be over-bought - SELL. I want to ride on her again with Genting-cv.

5.15 pm : KLCI up 2.5 points.

EAH : Flew off ... sigh .. I was TOO BUSY to grab her and grabbed Kencana-cd instead.

MPHB-cd : Still strong but I hv to let her go.

Tired ... and still have another 2 hours to go. Off for dinner.


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