Friday, April 08, 2011

It is Friday ... time to clear some stocks and do more homework during weekend to plan for next week trade. Tonight, I will want to go to Sunway Pyramid to meet Andrew Chia in person ... yes, the signing of his book. I have bought two of his book "Money Secrets" and his latest "Stock Market Secrets".

8.50 am : Pre-trading routine(PTR) simply means ... have a natural, normal routine to start a day before you trade. Or if you are not trading, have a common pattern in the way you see a stock to buy or sell. For those TA-kaki, they will see resistance and some indicators to decide if it is a BUY or a SELL signals, recognising that there are chances that these indicators may fail too.

Andrew Chia : I read a line last night stating something like that "Traders, Speculators and Gamblers ... it is difficult to draw a line between them". I agreed. His Stock Market Secrets book are for investors, not traders. Being a long term(anything below 5 years of holding is considered as short term!!) investor, FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS(FA) is much more important than timing of market. Buy into good dividends counter, high EPS growth and high ROE. These are from his book. So, I will recommend any NEWBIES, NOVICES to read his book ... it is a good book. I am an independent promoter of good books!! Haha. Nope, Pauline or Andrew did not pay me anything to promote their books. Perhaps, it will be my privilege to have a drink ON them, one day!! Hehe.

SPSetia-wb : My oh my ... breakout of its resistance at 2.03. Flying now.

Scable : Moving, finally after a week or so I bought into her at 1.27.

Media : Still creeping up, at 2.66 now. KFC-wb : At 1.50 now ... I went to KFC two nights ago.

10.50 am : KLCI still in red .. Genting-cv : Cleared all at 0.155 done. I bought at 0.14 days ago la. It is OK if it flies off again as I always have many in mind. Genting at 11.30 now ...

MahSing-cb : MahSing testing 2.70 now, at 2.71. If it could convincingly breaching 2.70, I will grab back MahSing-cb. This is a break-out. And I will want to write about breakout tmr? PChem, MHB, MPHB, DRB and such.

GenM-cp : Still not moving much, yesterday I saw huge volume bought at 0.195. Should clear her off and grab back at 0.190 market price now. Hmm ...

MPHB : Second day of profit-taking. Wait for the third day, it will moving up again. Hmm ... use HA(hope analysis la). My MPHB-cd back to my cost price. Ouch.

12.15 pm : I am selling today as next week will be my break. I am planning to go off(to Penang again as we like it there!! hehe) for a break - wont be monitoring much. With Genting-cv cleared(at 0.16 now), thinking of clearing PChem-ca too. MPHB-cd can wait. GenM-cp clearing at 0.195 ... hope could be done today?

At resistance : Kencana, MahSing and Affin. Waiting for breakout. When more and more people asking what to buy or start of thinking about stock-markets, it is HOT and bullish time. So, what do we need to do is go against them. Majority losing money, if you go against the herd, chances are higher NOT to be one of them. Hmm ... some sort of contrarian concepts applied here. Being up-popular is not what those analysts want. So, many started to scream BUY BUY BUY ... flaming the bullish sentiments. You cant get it very wrong following the crowd, after all ... they will push it higher, right?

Genting : At 11.40, resistance at 11.48 ... it is a SELL to me, a trader. Buying should be at RM10, ok? What else do you want with RSI at 70+? Genting-cv at 0.165 now. That is few hundreds bucks leh, I cleared at 0.155 this morning.

WCT-wc : Yeah ... it is moving again. Glad that I grabbed back with average at 0.83 now. Topping up again. With most RSI at very high level, WCT is lagging.

MPHB-cd : At 0.275 now, thinking of accumulating now. Masteel-wa : Continue to surge, into new high soon ... seeing 0.90?

5.15 pm : KLCI at 1557. PChem-ca : Cleared half at 0.515 for small loss.

MPHB-cd : Cleared some at 0.275 for small loss.

Genting-cv : Bought back some at 0.165. Queue at 0.160 not done.

WCT-wc : Queue to collect more at 0.85 not done either.

Steel-stocks : Having some party today. AnnJoo-wb surged up today. Good.

10.10 pm : DOW up a little. Too tired to write ... will read my "China" books. I have been collecting those good pictorial books regarding China. Yes, I will bring my family to China, one day ... when I m financially sound. Hmm ... In the mean time, more work to be done. More classes to teach to collect more bullets. Trimming on expenses, still wanting to keep my frugal living(decided NOT to get the i-phone. Save the money!!) ... and plan for 10 years ahead, to be financially independent. By then, I will be retiring!!


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