Saturday, April 02, 2011

It is 4.30 am ... I wont be free today as I have classes from 7.30 am till 5pm.Yes, I will miss ATIC again this year.

CWs : Genting-cv, Kencana-cc and Sapcres-cc. See if I hv the guts to hold it till 20% profits this time. Arghh ...

A123 : This is my only US-babe and it dived again to new low. Ouch. I will hold you forever, babe.

Time to continue my sleep.

9.55 pm : Tired ...

My call-warrants : In overbought region

Kencana : Breakout ... 2.66 and moving to next resistance at 2.88. As Dialog and Sapcres breaking into new high, Kencana is lagging behind. I prefer the laggard. Now, RSI at 70 ... I might want to wait till RSI 75 and above to sell my Kencana-cc. It is expiring in mid-May but in-money now. Ss expiry date is nearing, it is very high RISK.

Sapcres : Touched a new high at 3.91, breakout of 3.77 level. RSI at 72, I shall wait for a day or two before taking profits on my Sapcres-cc again. I started her at 0.42 and took 10% profits the next day as it was reaching resistance and high RSI. But, seeing O&G strong play on Friday, I grabbed her back. At 0.51, new high now ...

Genting : With GenM at new high(RSI 78), Genting high at RM11.98, another ringgit to go. With RSI at 70.5 at the moment, my Genting-cv will do well too as if I could hold till 20-30% profits. Profit taking might be around the corner, so I might take profit first, and buy back into her.

MahSing-cb : Grabbed her back as she is moving again. Bought at 0.32, sold 0.355 and bought back at 0.370 currently.

PChem-ca : Bought her at 0.32 ... sold 10% the next day. Hai yah ... it is at 0.48 now. Please calculate the % that I have 'lost' for selling TOO early.

DRB-cd : I am cleared of her at 0.205 as MahSing-cb moving again. Will continue to monitor her andd her cousin-sister, cc.


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