Friday, April 01, 2011

It is 1st April ... err ... I am queueing to SELL most of my stocks.

March has been good as markets recovering well ... how about April? As KLCI going into overbought region, it is really time to think to sell. So many stocks breakout from strong resistance and into new high. Which one should we ride on?

As I do not like stocks with HIGH RSI, I will prefer those laggards. I have been stalking WCT for the past weeks and knowing that it is the matter of time she joins the party. RSI at 50 level, it is a BUY yesterday. I am glad that I bought the WCT-wc(it could be wb too) yesterday morning at 0.72 level. Queueing to clear her at 0.80 now.

11.20 am : KLCI up 4.4 points, banking and insurance stocks moving. GenM continues its good run. Genting is testing RM11.00

WCT : At 3.08, touched 3.10 this morning. WCT-wc sold at 0.80 and grabbed back at 0.78 done.

Dialog-cc and PChem-ca still moving higher ... I sold too early AGAIN. Hmmm ....

DRB-cd : Has been collecting her, cleared hald at 0.205 done. See how far it could go?

YTLLand : As I sold all of her at 1.94, at what level should I collect back? Any idea?

12.30 pm : Lunch time ... O&G in play AGAIN.

WC : He is my reader who has been SMS-ing me for this whole week. It all started when I sms-ed him last week when I went into PChem-ca on Thu. Then, exited on Friday for 10%+. PChem-ca up 30% since then. Then, I moved into Masteel on Fri, cleared on Monday. Then ... Evergreen, sms-ed him in the morning - he followed and exited for almost 10% in a day-trade. Next was Sapcres-cc at 0.42 ... out for 10% the next day. Yesterday, I sms-ed him in the morning that I grabbed WCT-wc at 0.72, he followed at 0.725 and today I exited at 0.80. Wonder if he could follow-up and THINK of the RISK. Will you, WC? I just sms-ed him to tell him I moved out of WCT-wc and DRB-cd and grabbed Kencana-cc at 0.53.

So, he profitted a little and reload RM50 into my hp. Thanks. Haha. I am going to stop doing that before many sms me and/or e-mail me for short punt.

Why I sms-ed him? He is nice, young .. naive in market, a novice without much biasness in him YET. I was thinking of my turtle, PT, who do short-punting too. But, the RISK is too high. Imagine that I have taken many 10%+ profits in a week. This is bullish market, anything you bought also up. 10% in CWs is nothing much. But .. why sms-ed him? Well, just to let him be the witness of my trades? Hmm ... or the re-load of RM50 that I desperately needed? The balance was at RM3.50!!

Enough of sms-ing him ... let me see how my Sapcres-cc and Kencana-cc doing next ... missed Dialog-cc, tho. I will only SMS you when I exit Sapcress, WC. Market is going crazy of buying as more uncles-aunties swarming the market. I want short-trades and OUT as soon.

4.15 pm : Cleared Kulim-wc and QL-wa to retain some cash in hands to trade O&G counters.

Sapcres-cc and Kencana-cc : See if I have the holding power to go beyond 10% this time.

MahSing-cb : Grabbed her back. Moving again.

Genting : Taking a rest today but GenM continues it run ...

Oil & Gas: By RHB
Sector Update

Petronas Chemicals: Fair value raised to RM9.02 Outperform

SapuraCrest: Fair value at RM4.37 Outperform

Dialog: Fair value at RM2.82 Outperform

PetGas: Fair value revised to RM3.95 Outperform

KNM: Fair value at RM3.45 Outperform

RH Petrogas (Singapore-listed): Fair value raised to S$1.81 Outperform

Dayang: Fair value at RM2.60 Outperform

Petra Perdana: Fair value raised to RM1.39 Outperform

Kencana: Fair value at RM3.90 Outperform

Wah Seong: Fair value at RM2.02 Underperform

MMHE: Fair value at RM6.26Underperform


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