Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HSI down by 300 points. DOW is flat tonight.

Stock Watch

Masteel : Breakout of 1.42 recently, and back to 1.42 as support. Primary buyers bought at 1.20 level. Secondary buyers bought her after the breakout and currently under correction, I may want to consider her at 1.42 level. I shall go for the warrant again which I hv cleared her much too early. Together with KUB, Masteel is in news(it is NOT new)

MAS : At support 1.80 level. Touched a recent low of 1.77. Historical low at 1.63. Overtaken by AirAsia, un-imaginable 10 years ago.


p/s : I do want to keep politic views to the minimal as it might agitate many to probe more into our stinking politicians' lives. The suicide case of TEOH is not done yet. Honestly, I m ignorant. I do not know actually what this TEOH case was(is). SOmething to do with someone being questioned by anti-corruption officers and 'jumped' to his death? I prefer to talk about stocks! Haha.

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