Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday ... I do not bring my pc home, I do not want to go online at home as I hv promised myself to watch TV/movie with my family or bring them places. Exams is nearing, so more classes and more students look for me to ask questions etc. So, I m kinda busy.

In the midst of my busyness, I tried to pen down a few of my thoughts here. Also, I do trade a few which I am monitoring.

DOW up again 50 points. Wonder why KLCI was not flying yesterday, with GenM and PChem down. Of coz Tenaga dragging KLCI down too with not-so-good news being reports or spread around. It reminds me that when analysts or broker houses saying HOLD or SELL, it is time to think of BUYing such a good stock!! These un-scrupulous analysts working for the BANKS which linked to SYNDICATES and manipulating the movements of our 'small' Bursa. We have to face that and play along with them. We are smaller than ikan-bilis in their world.

WCT-wc : As I bought into her, thru KN, at 0.83 before Swak election, it is at 0.76 now. It is a new warrant and we hv little technical indicators to gauge her. Currently, at 0.76(might be forming a base here), WCT supported at RM3. The volumes are very low, showing that it no longer in play at the moment. Checking if WCT could be moving into a BB squeeze ... nope. It is consolidating at RM3, without any interest. Resisted at 20MA, it might take some time for it to move again. Decision - HOLD.

YTLLand : The only stock I bought this week is her ... I have sold her at 1.88 and 1.94, so at 1.80 it is deemed 'cheaper'. So, I bought hugely into her and checking to clear some at 1.88-1.90 level again. It needs to break 1.94-1.95 resistance to look for newer ground. Failing that will see me clearing her again, only to grab back at lower price?

UEMLand : I do still have her, and heard the rumour that it might be considered to be included into top-30. Hmm ... replacing Plus?

Breaking Benjamin - Diary Of Jane

TEH : I hv posted this song, perhaps a few times(LOL), simply because I like this number by them a lot. This one is with a cool lyric!! I will want to put my hands(and brian) in creating such a clip one day.

GenM : At support 3.62, looking for 3.55 for an entry level. This is for those interested in her. I am too ... RSI at 49 at the moment, at 3.55 would be a good level when it is at lower-band, next suppoort level and lower RSI level. Understand? Be patient. Note that on 4th April, at 3.80 it was a SELL signal, technically. Those buy-n-hold wont need to bother much. I do think it will breach 3.80 in near future. So, I have GenM-cp in my mind to trade.

10.05 am : KLCI is flat. Why is KLCI infested with ACE-market bugs? Perhaps they were using the recycled or used matresses sold by those 'Tilam Lama, Tukar Baru' direct-selling vendors.

11.05 am : KLCI still down by 2 points.

Masteel : Watching her, broken 1.42, looking at 1.33. RSI at 50 level. Grabbed Masteel-wa at 0.80, market price now.

QL-wa : Flying off today, I have sold her off before Swak election. This is what we are waiting for ... our stocks to fly off and sell for good profits. Many of time, I m not patient enough.

Masteel-wa : Could be my only buying today. Done at 0.795 and 0.80. Lower queues not done yet.

Taann-ca : Moving today ... good. See if the momentum is still strong, I should average-up.

MPHB-cd, DRB-cd and PChem-ca at my cost price. See any weakness to clear, and riding on those moving higher ...

3.00 pm : Have to go soon for classes till 8pm.

3.45 pm : Raining heavily here ...

Chat-box : I hv to remove it AGAIN as some jokers and neno are infesting there. We dont need these junks but they are around us. Luckily, they are the minority in our surrounding. Thank Goodness it is Good Friday.

Got class till 8.30pm.



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