Tuesday, April 05, 2011

DOW up a little.

My call-warrants

: Instead of selling at 0.395, I grabbed more at 0.390 and then some before closing at 0.41. Mahsing breaking RM2.60 soon? Kencana-cd : Could hold a while.

Sapcres-cc : Waiting for next surge for selling.

Drb-cd : This is a sure lose trade. I will check my average price in the morning to conffirm.

Genting-cv : Bought at 0.145. Genting needs to break 11.10 level before continuing her uptrend surging ... possible?

I am at home ... I do not brought back my pc but using my net-book. I will only blog after my wife/kids asleep as after 7pm, if I do not have classes, the time is theirs. I watched Spiderman-3 over AXN. Yes, slowly I am dropping business-news(I hv cut Bloomberg and CNBC channels to replace it with NatGeo and Discovery). I am going to 'force' myself to watch movie ... it was just the reverse when I forced myself to watch Bloomberg in daily basis back in 2007. I watched Biz-China and Biz-News in daily basis without fail. Kinda miss those 'shows'. Haha.

Also ... this blog, taking so much of my time away ... and I feel that I will only write whatever I want, whenever I am free ... not to be pressurised to write. I do notice the drop in readership but I dont mind. In fact, I never really promote my blog, I done the opposite, actually. Haha. Ok .. time to continue marking as I want to bring my family for holiday next week!! I have listed 15 things to do(from EPF, Incometax, Road-tax ... etc etc) next week itself when we have a week break.



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newbie said...

i just started reading ur blog,just u manage to spot stocks that will go up?it seems that almost all ur stocks went so curious..pardon new