Friday, April 29, 2011

DOW up further ... will that help KLCI?

NEW YORK: US stocks rallied on Thursday as positive earnings reports lured investors to shrug off mixed economic data.

Building on nearly three-year highs hit on Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 72.35 points (0.57 per cent) to finish the session at 12,763.31.

POS : Thanks for the enlightenment. Actually, I still could not understand. But will try. Just wonder ... hmm ... if I am really stupid(I admit I am, dont worry), can I ask why you are here reading these stupid lines? Hmm ... that means you are ... dumb too? Cant be, you understand the POS situation. I am confused.

Maybe I didnt get my questions clear - my mistakes, you honour.

Question : As POS is deemed to be a good stock, and many bidding for her(from Khazanah), some at higher price than RM3.60(I do not have the details), and Khazanah chosen DRB's offer at RM3.60, why would POS as a stock dropping? I mean, it is valued at RM3.60, why would anyone selling her at a cheaper price? If DRB could really 'unlock' the values of POS, wouldnt that be a good investment?

I no longer read much, either. It is just in my mind, wondering WHY.

DRBHcom : RSI 46, look at 2.13 level.

12.50 pm : KLCI down 2 points.

Kencana-cd : Cut it off, grabbing back MPHB-cd, instead.

FLBhd : At 1.40, IPO 60cents. Hmm ... get rich quick scheme?

EPMB : Into new high ... upgraded.

EAH : At 0.460 support level now. Buy more?

AirAsia : Up again due to the dividend(maiden) news.

KimLun : Shooting up 7% in active trades.

Time for classes ... I hv not done my stressful e-filing.

2.55 pm : KLCI down 3 points.

EAH : Bought more at 0.46. Wait for 0.45.

5.40 pm : Sold Kencana-cd for a loss, grabbed MPHB-cd.

Royal Wedding : NTV7 showing 'live' from UK a wedding of TWO humans while millions of people adore them. Hmm ... I could not understand WHY. Why millions spent on TWO human wedding while millions others 'suffer' from many disasters!!

I could not understand human, honestly. They do not look into THEIR own weddings or marriage but prefer to watch the 'fantasy'. It is kinda 'escapade' from reality. I wish that human will wake-up, spread some loves around to many who need it much more than the 'royal' families.

When I was young, I always question the 'jobs' of Sultans or our King. I always see them cutting ribbons on TV. So, I wonder ... is that their job? I can do that too ... will anyone employ me? How do I go about it? I was very naive and young then, of coz. Haha.

Time for a nap. Will write more tonight.



KC Goh(吳繼宗) said...

Logically Pos should go up. But this is market, market is not logical, there is no leading fund to push it to 3.60. Maybe they wanted to catch the contra players. That is why the market is so difficult to play. Many people could buy a million shares but could not pick them up. I think the big players also timing the market.

KC Goh(吳繼宗) said...

I have seen many cases like Pos. That is why we cannot contra. Many people could buy 1 million shares but could not pick up. I think the big players also timing the market. They know when the news come out, people will chase, they wait until all contra players get squeeze and they come in and push.