Thursday, April 28, 2011

DOW up another 95 points ... why KLCI is not following mommy? I have mentioned that it is NOT right to check if DOW up or down, as KLCI is a big-boy now. They are independent!! The correlation is very low, if any.

DRB : Taking over POS but POS is dropping. If the offer price is at RM3.60, why someone selling her at RM3.20? DRB is dropping to support RM2.22 too.

Oil : At 113 level, it is quite risky to look into MAS or AirAsia. Someone asked me about MAS at RM1.80 level now.

Kencana : Waiting for her to move ... will she surges up and make me smile?

EAH : I was monitoring her for weeks and yesterday it flew off when I was too busy!! Hmm ...

MPHB : RSI at 71, still chasing up? I want her back, perhaps during short correction.

Malton : Needs to break 0.74 resistance. Wait ...

10.10 am : KLCI up 2.5 points.

EAH : Down in red due to profit-taking for short-contra players. Never to chase a stock which up hugely the days before as we never know when 'they' going to throw her away. It is just a reminder to myself as I hv been caught a few times.

What if ... it shoots up another 10% or more? These are in those 'greedy' minds. It is natural, dont worry. It is NORMAL. Well, normal traders lose money in markets, remember? The stats of 80-90% STILL losing money(or lost and quitted) speak for itself.

QL-wa : At 0.97 now, my turtle EK, who bought into her when I told him I grabbed QL-wa at 0.90 level weeks ago. I have sold her off before election. He is still holding. Time to consider to sell at 0.99? We should not ask anyone to sell any stocks as the stock might shoot up the moment we say 'sell'. Markets have minds by themselves and it seems that 'they' are against us?
MahSing-cb : At 0.365, drifting lower ... watching 0.345.

WCT-wc : Still at 0.76 level but seeing it drifiting lower, actually. WCT still supported on RM3. Once broken, time to get out.

Hubline : Most actively traded stock, SELLING pressure is so strong. Dont know why. I written about Maybulk not in good sector, why Hubline down today? I checked the chart - broken 0.16 support level, RSI at 28. IF it is a good 'fundamental' stock, I will place her in my list but she is not in my book.

Focus Lumber : Welcoming her, one of the best IPO now as it touched RM1, at 0.97 now. Crazy-la ... congrats to those got her at IPO level.

MPHB : In red today ... glad I cleared her-cd at 0.355? So, at what level should I buyback?

11.30 am : Thu is good, if no dept meeting, I hv two hours free.

EAH: Dali written about her again. It shot up yesterday. So, I m going to BET on her. Grabbing at 0.480-0.485 level now.

YTLLand : Inching up to 1.86 now. Waiting to clear half at 1.88 and another at 1.94. Could I?

Spoiling our kids with expensive toys?

Lamborghini : A student(of stupid mentality, obviously) drove a white Lamborghini and somehow the security guard allowed him to park the car inside the compound. Mind you, parking is strictly for 'customers' and selected staff only. Anyway, this stupid student certainly SHOWING his stupidty - yup, zrrrommm the exhaust violently so that everyone a mile away will know he is here!! Many students rushed out of classrooms to 'watch' the show - giving him the attention is desired. Obviously, he is looking for attention and got it.

I am busy - otherwise, I might want to question the security guard(I know many of them as I ride bikes to college and we parked our kap-cai at the same place). Why give him the cheap-thrill that he wanted? These rich kids have lack of attention at home. They do what-ever to be noticed(like taking drugs, wearing vulgoruos t-shirts etc etc).

Tag-Heuer : When I was invigilating an exam last month, I found a watch left by a student. By the look at it, and it's kinda heavy, I knew the watch worth thousands of ringgit. I gave it to the office, hoping it will reach the 'careless' student. The next day, office told me that he taken his watch. I wonder HOW they know it really belongs to him? It worth RM15k, I was told. ouch.

I am not into branded things, and I hope my kids will NOT grow up in such stupidity-craze. Why should I be paying RM15k for a watch as the function of the watch is to tell time? Do they know that a car is just a machine, a mode of transportation to bring us(under a roof - othwerwise, my kap-cai could do better) from a point to a point? Even if you are driving a sport car which could accelerate to 300km/hr, excuse me ... driving in Subang Jaya or KL-jammed road, can u really go fast? Hmm ... I want to talk more of stupidity of human-unkind. I will want to start with the stupid so-called royal weddings!! Haha ... do they have royal-divorces too? Hmm ...

4.00 pm : KLCI still in green ...

EAH : Done more at 0.470.

EAH-wa : 0.175 done. wow.

Masteel-wa : Cleared at 0.80 this morning as the news did not move her up. Out.

FLBhd : Congrats ... 100% in ONE day trading!! DO NOT think too much of LOGIC. This is share-market, you buy ... I buy higher.


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having kencana cw as well. come on go 2.90! haha maybe tomolo