Monday, April 11, 2011

DOW up 50 points. KLCI was bleeding on Monday. I do not expect such a pull-back.

My trades

GenM-cp : Cut off as GenM failed to breakout. I bought her, anticipating mommy to breakout, and since it fails ... cleared.

Media-ca : Cleared too for capital preservation.

QL-wa : My buying today, collecting back.

EAH : Collected more of her. That was all for my trades as I was busy marking and have two tuition classes. I m VERY stressed as I need to finish all my markings before I could go off for my holiday. Arrghh ... the market didnt help either.

DRB : Dived and lost 19cents today.

PChem : Lost 24cents and my PChem-ca ... err ... ouch!

Top Losers

1. KLK
2. Genting
3. SPB
4. Taann
5. PChem
7. MudaJaya
8. DRBHcom
10. Subur
11. AMMB
12. KPJ
13. BKawan
14. PetDag
15. PacMas
16. TWS
17. MHC
18. HLBank
19. Dialog
20. CMSB
21. BStead
22. MEGB
23. MHB
24. WTK
25. Faber
26. Cypark
28. Vitrox
29. YTL
30. PetGas

All the above lost 10 cents or more. Brace yourself for another sell-down as we are moving into correction mode again. Will we rebound higher AFTER this correction? I am trimming my positions again after 3 weeks of trading party.

Stock Watch

HapSeng : Mentioned by Remnant. At support, RM6.10 level. RSI 31. Good entry point.

Naim : RSI 39, at range 3.05-3.15.

YTLLand : At support 1.76 level, looking at 1.60 again. I have sold her at 1.88 and 1.94. Currently RSI at 48, wait.


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