Thursday, April 14, 2011

DOW flat .. doesnt matter much to me as I am a net-seller. I will like to clear off whatever remaining in my hands today - following Dali's point of viewS. In my view, BN will win in Sarawak. I did not ask any bomoh. We shall see ... BN winning 2/3 majority there.

UEMLand : I think I will clear her too, at 2.80 ... my cost price.

Election : The ghost of 2008 Mac election still in me ... I was over-rawed by markets. BN somehow 'lost' the 2/3 majority, KLCI was diving SHARPly. It has been THAT long. 2008 ... It is just a Sarawak state election. No big deal? But many seeing it as a yard-stick on how BN will do ... if there is a coming National Election soon. What will happen to Sarawak-stocks?

The stake is too high and the risk is too great. The ghost of 2008 election haunting me. So, I want to follow the 'wise' ... get out and save your capitals. Do not try to be hero and say that BN sure to win. Perhaps ... Malaysians are more educated now? Perhaps SUDDENLY they realised that we SUPPOSED to be a rich and well-to-do country with so much of resources ... but, you should see that most part of Sarawak is POOR, un-developed. Just give them a pack of 'rice', make them happy and they will vote for us.

I want to write about Bakum Dam. Damn it, I m too busy!!

For the time being, whether BN will win or not, I do not want to face the votality of the current waves. I will be drown.

SPSetia-wb : At Rm2 level. Here is what I will do ... wait for it to drop to RM1.80, then buy more at RM1.60 and RM1.40. Every 20 cents down. Then, every 25 cents up, sell.

TEH : Someone asked me about SPSetia-wb. This is my lame answer. Hmm ...

Stock Watch

HapSeng : RSI 22, wait for 5.75.

TopGlove : RSI 36, at support 4.95. Wait for 4.75.

1.25 pm : A little more work to be done, then I am off today to Pangkor Is. Will like to stay there a night, then to drive up to Penang tmr morning after breakfast. Should be staying at Bt Feringgi and hope to have the energy to drive up to Langkawi. If I m too tired to drive home, then I shall stay a night at Langkawi. These are plans and plan could be changed. These are occupying my mind, not stock markets. My next break will be months later!!

While check on my queues, I failed to clear UEMLand at 2.80. Perhaps, I hv to cut-off for small loss and I am cleared!!

UEMLand : Cleared some at 2.76, seeing 2.77, 2.78 and 2.79.

MPHB-cd : Fear is gripping. I even cleared this babe of mine.

PChem-ca : Cut-off too.

Bye-bye Bursa.

HapSeng : Interesting .... touched a low of 5.81, waiting for 5.75.

TopGlove : Rebounded above RM5 today.

The Importance of Exit Strategy


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