Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DOW flat ... HSI up 200+ points. KLCI is still not as bullish. O&G taking a break with my PChem moving lower, consolidating. Tho I want to write, I could not ... will be very busy till 7pm today.


While I cant entertain many with more of my writings(why would anyone bother, actually? haha), here is a nice song I enjoyed this morning!!

Note : This is for neno or some stupid narrow-minded readers/people around. Listening to a so-called cute Mandarin song doesnt reflect anything much on me (and never generalise). It doesnt mean I am in good mood? In doesnt mean I know Mandarin? It doesnt even mean I am a Chinese!! It doesnt mean I am trying to be young? Or be cute? Or whatever your dumb brain is thinking. Do not generalise, please. Dont constrain your small-brain into a peanut-shell. I am playing her song here doesnt mean I like her songs(in general - i do not, actually). When I play a Linkin Park songs(which my fav), doesnt mean I am trying to be 'rock'. What is that? Grow-up la ... it is just a song and happen that I like songs, varities.

Look at stocks ... some buy dividend-stocks to hold, some buy due to technical reasons, some punt due to news or some even dont know why they buy/sell something. Does it matter? Not everyone bother about fundamental analysis, ok? Accept that ... accept others too. Be open-minded so that our peanut-sized brain could grow.

10.30 am : KLCI recovering, still a fraction below.

PChem : Looking at 7.16 level to buy more.

POS : Interesting drop.

MayBulk : Not a sector investor will want to be in. Dropping further.

HapSeng : Still watching for reversal.

SPSetia-wb : Still dropping ... look at support 1.21-1.22. I would rather wait.

WCT : Still at RM3.00 and WCT-wc at 0.76, thin volume.

Mahsing, Kencana, Sapcres still being abandoned. Need to stalk closely as they will be in play again.

MahSing-cb : Waiting for 0.345 level.

Sapcres : Target price upgraded by RHB to RM4.60 level. Cool? It is at RM3.70 level at the moment. If that is true, take out all your money from FD or Bonds, BUY all into one counter - say, Sapcres since that is a cool 20% or more upside, comparing to the pathetic 3-5% we gain from FD or Bonds. What is wrong again? THE RISK. Besides, target prices SHOULD not be taken seriously la.

HapSeng : Broken 5.77 level, looking at 5.45 level now.

"Sell in MAY and go away". Are we in that direction?


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