Saturday, April 09, 2011

DOW down a little. Crude oil at USD113 now.

I am currently reading Andrew Chia's Stock Market Secrets

Andrew Chia(AC) : Remisiers or borkers are usually gamblers.

TEH : I do think so too ... otherwise, why are they always asking us to buy or sell.

AC : The ultimate winner not only has superb knowledge and money management skills; he is above all, an emotionally stable person.

TEH : I do not claim I have knowledge. I do not have good money management skillsand from my blog, most could see that I am not emotionally stable person. I have PMS every now and then. haha.

AC : The market is pendulum that swings between unsustainable optimism and unjustified pessimism.

TEH : I think I will write a very long reply to this point. He made a good sense here.

I have finished my first round of reading his easy-reading book. So, I will recommend those INVESTORS to read his book, get the idea of what investing is all about BEFORE entering a market. Dont worry, market is ALWAYS there, you wont lose out the bull-run. In fact, as investors ... nothing is cheap now.

He also pointed out MANY traits of a loser in market and MANY of them are in me!! So, according to theory ... I will end up losing all my money and much more due to trading. Trading are for losers. Majority traders lose money because they speculate and gamble.

I will want to share more of his points as I do agree in many things he mentioned, tho opposed to what I am doing currently. I am NOT a buy-n-hold, tho I wont mind holding to some for 1-3 months. Holding to one month is LONG to me. Hehe.

Time to go for classes again ...


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