Monday, April 25, 2011

9.30 am : KLCI up 3 points.

Taann-ca, DRB-cd and Masteel-wa in green. Clearing one of them later. PChem-ca and MPHB-cd lack of interests. Wait.

Taann-ca : Cleared some at 0.245, waiting to clear more at 0.25 and 0.255. If one grabbed at 0.22, sold it at 0.245, that is roughly 10%. It is actually equivalent to buying at stock at RM2.20 and sold it at RM2.45(example DRB). What is not equal? THE RISK. Think again.

Note : I want to write about the RISK of punting into CWs as many started to think of buying/punting into call-warrants. Some of them are so new to markets and asking what a call-warrants are or even what is the stock-market?! Yet, they want to learn to buy call-warrants. So, it is only fair NOT to answer them. In general, we learn to ride a bicycle in our neighbourhood before venturing into something risky. JS and many more, THINK RISK not profits.

Masteel-wa : Cleared some at 0.825 done.

POS : At 3.27, one of the top loser. WHY would anyone sell-off POS if DRB is paying RM3.60 to Khazanah for her? This is another case where technical analysis SHOULD NOT be used. It will be a joke to mention about its technical indicators.

GuanChong : Recently a breakout occured. So, I placed her in my stalk-list.

2.40 pm : Failed to clear DRB-cd. It is in red now.

Taann-ca : At 0.225 now, could you see the RISK? I hv only cleared 1/3 of my portion at 0.245 this morning, keeping another 2/3 in case it shoots up. But, as it didnt, I hv to clear her for smaller profits!! Otherwise, it might go below my cost price and I did not follow my plan for a short-punt.

Masteel-wa : Cleared some at 0.825 this morning, back to 0.805 level. Keep the other portion as the risk is not that high.

DRB-cd : Failure to clear it in the morning for profits seeing that I am in red now.

4.55 pm : Raining heavily again ... another class to go.

Taann-ca : Cleared all and the last portion at 0.225.


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