Tuesday, April 05, 2011

9.10 am : OSK system is DOWN. Luckily I have a few portal to check.

Dali : I like what Dali written yesterday about being a blogger. While he is well-known(the top sort after finance blog around!!) for his stock-picking and MANY(majority, I believe) enjoy what he is writing, somehow there are LOSERS out there trying VERY hard to put you down. These are certainly losers, which bought into some stocks they read from a blog WITHOUT knowledge, without a plan and without consulting anyone --- being a novice, get caught, dont know what to do and cut-loss only when his stock plunged 20% or so. Once he sold her off, only to see it surges to NEW high ...

Yes, these losers are everywhere. Hey, how do you explain that 80% of those in markets STILL losing money in the BULLISH of markets? In bull market, they lose money, do you think they will profit from the market during the bearish market? Hmm ... ponder for awhile WHY. WHY they are losing money? If you are one of those losing money, think for a while WHY. But if you are calm and compose, think rationally ... you might be able to comprehend the situation wisely. Cursing the person who wrote in HIS blog about a stock(in his watch-list or portfolios) is a losing battle. It just shows IMMATURITY. Many do lose money, but we continue to learn from mistakes and stick to what is working(for us, at least)

to be continued

10.35 am : KLCI in red ...

DRB-cd : I checked my average ... oh, the 0.43 is NOT registered? Funny ... it is still in my trades-record showing BUY(done) at 0.43. Phew. That is an RM800 relief. Haha.

MahSing-cb : Grabbed more yesterday and at 0.43 now. Queueing to sell at 0.44 at the moment, might change my mind if I see the momentum.

12.25 pm : Sapcres and Kencana in red. Profit-taking!! Ok, ok ... sell sell sell.

2.50 pm : Sold half of Sapcres-cc at 0.495 for small profits.

Masteel-wa : I sold way TOO early for 10%. It is at 0.80 now. Arrggghhh ...

4.20 pm : KLCI still in red.

MahSing-cb : Cleared all at 0.425.


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