Thursday, April 21, 2011

8.50 am : Will be busy the whole day again ... I am not complaining as being busy means GOOD.

MPHB : A buy call by CIMB, breakout with next resistance at 3.22. So, I want OUT of MPHB-cd soon .... when many coming in, time to get out.

PChem-ca : An average at 0.455, this is another big positions I am holding. Still wait for my 10%-15% profits ... as today could be a bullish day, can I clear her for profits too?

Genting-cv : Will not chase her ... cleared too early at 0.160. Noted.

Laggards : What should I look for could be those laggards such as Dialog, Kencana or Sapcres. Even the neglected MahSing and WCT.

10.10 am : Surprisingly KLCI is flat ... smell any bad news around?

ACE-party : There is someone's birthday or anniversary there? Why these penny stocks are having party? Due to the so-smart Smartag? Or Smart tunnel? Or what-ever smart?

CW : My Pchem-ca and DRb-cd not doing so well so far. MHPB-cd in red ... good, wait for another day of red.

11.45 am : KLCI in red.

Timber-stocks : Leads by Taann, many coming alive again ... WTK, Lingui, Leweko ... moving.

Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One

TEH : Like this song years ago ... still very nice. Was played when I had my lunch. I wish I could just go back home, listen to such songs by the sea-side. Yes, I want to go back to Sabah, to my 'small' beach apartment at Melinsung. I do miss Sabah very much, trapped in the hectic expected lifestyle in KL. It has been a year plus I am here ... for the betterment of financial, but it may not be healthy and what I really want. Hmm ...

Taann-ca : Bought into her, implusive. See how it goes ...


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