Wednesday, April 20, 2011

6.30 pm : Another class to go till 8.30pm. Arghh ... wish I am 'robot', no tireness ... no emotions in trading. No emotion for the country and its dirty politics. No ... just a robot.

I subscibed to MK(MalaysiaKini) ... and start to read some news, political-linked news in opposition's points of views.

Will check on some stocks tonight, after 11.30pm

Genting-cv : Received an e-mail from a reader stating that he is glad to 'follow' my buy into Genting-cv on Monday and he is still holding. Besides thanking me, can I have my D&C, please?

11.25 pm : DOW up 170 points!! BULLISH ...

I am too tired but I do check on few stocks such as HapSeng, MAS, Kencana, Sapcres ... many more. My YTLLand not moving yet ... WCT still at RM3 and Masteel in profit taking?

MPHB-cd : 0.31 is the resistance and broken today. Into new high ... watching.



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