Thursday, April 21, 2011

2.00 pm : It is still Thursday ... hmm ... half day of trading-day. KLCI not as bullish as expected.

Taann-ca : Grabbed her at 0.225 and checking if the party just starts or over soon?

Excuse me, why some junky stocks goreng-ed 100% up today? Tricubes has surged sixfold in three days, according to the report. Hmm ... what is IE? Internet explorer also listed in KLCI(tho ace-market)

4.25 pm : KLCI down by 2.6 points.

Taann-ca : Done more at 0.220.

4.35 pm : Time to go for another class soon.

MPHB-cd : Bought some back at 0.310 & 0.305(and queues at lower not done yet).


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