Saturday, April 16, 2011

10.00 pm : So, BN won Sarawak convincingly, as expected. Do you think KLCI will shoot up like hell on Monday? I should do some homework tmr(tired now) to check on what call-warrants to shoot on Monday when many shooting higher!! I have(unfortunately or what?) cleared most of my positions.

With DOW up 50 points on Friday, many will be swarming back to market to BUY like crazy.


Dayang : RSI at 36. Technically at 1.90 support level. Closed at 1.93. BUY at 1.90.

HSL : Looking at 1.58 level. RSI 25.5(oversold - BUY).

Naim : RSI at 34.6. At 2.92. Will look at 2.85 level, a strong support seen here. Catching a knife here?

Stock Watch

KimLun : In net cash. RSI at 50. High at 1.99, at 1.75 at the moment, MA-20day. Immediate resistance at 1.80, so for those want to be 'safe', buy after it break above 1.80 and continue to ride on it till 1.99 resistance. It breached 1.80 level on 5th April into new high. Watch 1.80 level again. 1.70 will be a nice entry point. OSK giving a TP at 2.30 level. BUY.


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