Thursday, April 07, 2011

10.10 pm : Just came back from Sunway Pyramid - bowling and dinner.

Bowling scores : 200, 214, 200, 190, 196 and 224.

Average : 204

Performance : Excellent

When I was bowling well today, I was thinking of pre-shot routine. Then, I was thinking in parallel ... pre-trading routine. Do you know what I mean? Getting ready for trading. Preparations and such ... did anyone goes thru the routine that we can share about?

The scores shown that I have high knowledge, experiences and passion for bowling. I am not your 'normal' straight bowler. Using a 10-pound ball, it is not easy to get strikes. High accuracy in sparing is needed to maintain a good score. And high concentration is needed to execute shot-after-shot.

So, I do have a pre-shot routine in my bowling game, which cant be seen. Just like a 'robot', I programmed myself to repeat the routine ... from the point I took my ball, blow my fingers, insert my fingers, stand ... it is all programmed. Thinking of it, I cant think of a good bowler without such a pre-shot routine!! It is CONSISTENCY which is very important in the game!! Be consistent with what you are doing well ... and just do it!

Getting back into trading ... when you have hundreds of trades ... you will develop some trading style. You might have your own routine too. That is what I was thinking ... do I have a routine I do before trading? Hmm ... think for a while. If you do not have such a pre-trading routine, you might NOT be able to be consistent. Being consistent is more important in long run as we are programming ourselves to do what is right, again and again.

Trading could be a very emotional activity if we allow it so. It is ... it is dealing with MONEY. If ones purpose of trading market is to get some MONEY from markets, then ... he/she will tend to lose!! It is psychological ... want to know more about it? Perhaps I should write a book, one day!! Serious!! haha.

Pauline Yong

Well ... talking about writing a book, Pauline Yong will be in Sunway Pyramid to give an investment talk and promote her book "I love stock". I am seeing her as agressively promoting her book. It is a very good book and one of the first book I bought 2 years ago. Bear in mind, I am only 3 years old in KLSE, ok? I wont mind helping her to promote her book because it is a GOOD book. I have plenty of books in trading/investments. I like her book as it is simple and straight to the point. The setback in many investment book is ... it is THEORITICAL. Please understand that no book will make you a good trader or investor. You need to experience it by YOURSELF.

Ok ... time to do some homework before my trading tmr. Do you know that I do many homework before even my next week trades? What homework? Hmm ... perhaps I might write that in my book too. Haha.

Just kidding ... I wont be writing a book as there are too many investment books out there and 80% of those in markets STILL lose money!! Hmm ... I have no qualification and I do not like to write with constrains. I want to write what in my mind, not what the readers want to read in order to sell a book!! Many authors have to toe-the-line. Hmm ...

But, I will continue to write in this blog. It is free ... so, for whatever sake, do not shoot me. Need not to irritate me. Read for pleasure purposes. If you dont like, just move away. If you find I am funny and like my writing, welcome ... treat me D&C, will ya? hehe

DOW down by 70 points. That is not a good news. Exit tmr?



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