Thursday, April 14, 2011

1 Malaysia

I do wish we could live in harmony, irrespective of colours and creeds. That is only exist THEORITICALLY. We still have many politicians, our so-called leaders who DO NOT cherish to see fairness. Each time election is around the corner, we will see these so-called leaders trying to lead. Sigh.

Do we really have future? We are not even SINCERE to lead the so-called BELOVED country. Who are we kidding to say we have matured leaders? Who are we bluffing to say our country is corrupt-free? We do not even need to get to the root of corruption. We ARE living in it, infested by many 'pests'.

I still love my country, Malaysia. I m glad to live here.

Dear so-called leaders, do you know that I am not a Chinese? I am a Malaysian. Do you know that I do not love China? I even have to get my pass to go to China!! Do you know that? Stop calling me Chinese. I am Malaysian-Chinese, ok? I am here, in Malaysia. I am born in Penang ... opposition or not, Penang is part of Malaysia, stupid. Stop yelling like you care about rakyat. Stop the bull-shitting about the fair developement. Stop the shit.

It gets me mad when I realised that I do love my country, Malaysia. I do have Chinese, Malay, Indian and such students. I never see them as Malay ... I see them as Malaysian. Weird ... am I the distinct species of Malaysians who love their country?

I think I need to stop reading about politics. It gets me mad. I used to follow "Aliran", but I do not think so it is healthy to me. It is better to be ignorant than to be saddened with TRUTH.

1 Malaysia - Lagu Patriotik

Nevertheless, I will bring up my kids to be Malaysian and to love our country.


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