Saturday, April 30, 2011


Kencana : RSI 44, hooking down. False signal of rebound, I have to cut her off. At support 2.63 now, MA-50day. Bearish outlook at the moment.

DOW up almost 50 points. Monday off day ...

Today will be too busy to write. By the time I am back home, it could be 10pm.

Have a nice weekend. We have a longer weekend this week.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Stock Watch

DRB : A doji formed, touched 2.16. Stochastic at oversold, RSI hooking-up. Waiting for confirmation for a signal of rebound.




DOW up further ... will that help KLCI?

NEW YORK: US stocks rallied on Thursday as positive earnings reports lured investors to shrug off mixed economic data.

Building on nearly three-year highs hit on Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 72.35 points (0.57 per cent) to finish the session at 12,763.31.

POS : Thanks for the enlightenment. Actually, I still could not understand. But will try. Just wonder ... hmm ... if I am really stupid(I admit I am, dont worry), can I ask why you are here reading these stupid lines? Hmm ... that means you are ... dumb too? Cant be, you understand the POS situation. I am confused.

Maybe I didnt get my questions clear - my mistakes, you honour.

Question : As POS is deemed to be a good stock, and many bidding for her(from Khazanah), some at higher price than RM3.60(I do not have the details), and Khazanah chosen DRB's offer at RM3.60, why would POS as a stock dropping? I mean, it is valued at RM3.60, why would anyone selling her at a cheaper price? If DRB could really 'unlock' the values of POS, wouldnt that be a good investment?

I no longer read much, either. It is just in my mind, wondering WHY.

DRBHcom : RSI 46, look at 2.13 level.

12.50 pm : KLCI down 2 points.

Kencana-cd : Cut it off, grabbing back MPHB-cd, instead.

FLBhd : At 1.40, IPO 60cents. Hmm ... get rich quick scheme?

EPMB : Into new high ... upgraded.

EAH : At 0.460 support level now. Buy more?

AirAsia : Up again due to the dividend(maiden) news.

KimLun : Shooting up 7% in active trades.

Time for classes ... I hv not done my stressful e-filing.

2.55 pm : KLCI down 3 points.

EAH : Bought more at 0.46. Wait for 0.45.

5.40 pm : Sold Kencana-cd for a loss, grabbed MPHB-cd.

Royal Wedding : NTV7 showing 'live' from UK a wedding of TWO humans while millions of people adore them. Hmm ... I could not understand WHY. Why millions spent on TWO human wedding while millions others 'suffer' from many disasters!!

I could not understand human, honestly. They do not look into THEIR own weddings or marriage but prefer to watch the 'fantasy'. It is kinda 'escapade' from reality. I wish that human will wake-up, spread some loves around to many who need it much more than the 'royal' families.

When I was young, I always question the 'jobs' of Sultans or our King. I always see them cutting ribbons on TV. So, I wonder ... is that their job? I can do that too ... will anyone employ me? How do I go about it? I was very naive and young then, of coz. Haha.

Time for a nap. Will write more tonight.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tata Young

My Bloody Valentine

Love my love my
I still love my

My valentine running rings around me
Hanging by a thread but we're loosening , loosening
The sparks were flyin' not the type that we need
Bringing a fire that is burning me , burning me

(I know) Nobody said that it'd be easy
(My heart) That we could find a way ,make a way
(But you don't) You don't prioritize me

How'm I s'posed to believe yours games will ever change ,ever change


It's such a dirty mess imperfect at it's best
But it's my love ,my love ,my bloody valentine
Sometimes i wanna leave but then I watch you next to me
My love ,my love ,my bloody valentine
Maybe I should but still i just can't walk away
Try to convince me once again that I should stay
Through all the brokenness this bleeding heart must confess
I love my love my bloody valentine

Love my love my
I still love my (bloody valentine)

I opene doors but you close them on me
I'm compromising won't you show the same ,help the change
You're phone is ringing it says shorty ,so tell me
What's her name ,how'd she get your number?
Don't try to be playin' me
(Cuz i'll know) Before you even say anything
(But I hope) You wouldn't lie to me ,don't lie to me
You know that we've been here before
OH Don't patronize ,don't feed me lines
Just change your ways yeah make it right

Repeat /CHORUS/

Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy

"Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy"

I pick all my skirts to be a little too sexy
Just like all of my thoughts they always get a bit naughty
When I'm out with my girls I always play a bit bitchy
Can't change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me

I'm the kind of girl that girls don't like
I'm the kind that boys fantasize
I'm the kind that your momma and your daddy were afraid you'd turn out to be like
I may seem unapproachable but that's only to the boys who don't have the
Right a approach or ride that makes a girl like me wanna hop in and roll

People think it's intimidating when a girl is cool with her sexuality I'm a 180 to the stereotype girls like staying home and being innocent


My mouth never takes a holiday
I always shock with the things I say
I was always the kid in school who turned up to each class bout an hour late and when it came to the guys I'd lay, I'd always pick the ones who wont figure out that I am clearly a rebel to the idea of monogamy

People think it's intimidating when a girl is cool with her sexuality I'm a 180 to the stereotype girls like staying home and being innocent


Sexy... naughty...

People think it's intimidating when a girl is cool with her sexuality I'm a 180 to the stereotype girls like staying home and being innocent


I like all of my shorts to be a little too shortly
Unlike all of my guys I like them tall with money
I love all of my nights to end a little bit nasty
Can't change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me

I pick my skirts to be sexy
Just like my thoughts a bit naughty
When I'm out with my girls ...bitchy
Can't change I am
Sexy naughty bitchy me

MMC 'undervalued' despite catalysts

Six out of eight research houses have a 'buy' call on the stock, with an average target price of RM3.38.

KUALA LUMPUR: Analysts believe that MMC Corp Bhd's shares are undervalued, but assert that a rally may take some time to come.

"There are catalysts but it won't happen overnight," HwangDBS Vickers Research Sdn Bhd senior analyst Chong Tjen San told Business Times yesterday.

Chong said the listing of Gas Malaysia is expected to happen sometime this year but it is unlikely that MMC will want to pare down its stake too significantly.

"Then there is the 1000MW extension of Tanjung Bin, realisation of land values at Tanjung Bin and Senai, and of course the MRT project.

"Overall, we think the market is perhaps waiting on the sidelines before more clarity on the MRT (tunnelling project) emerges. Still, we expect this to happen by the first quarter of 2012," he said.

Six out of eight research houses surveyed by Bloomberg have a "buy" call on the stock, with an average target price of RM3.38.

MMC rose 1.5 per cent yesterday to close at RM2.66. Year to date, the stock has lost 4.32 per cent.

Chong said a near-term drag for the stock would be Zelan Bhd.

"The company has put a drag on MMC's earnings and there is not much clarity of when it will be able to shed its losses," he added.

HwangDBS Vickers has a target price of RM4.05 for the stock.

Another analyst who declined to be named said a rally would likely only happen once the winner of the MRT tunnelling project is officially announced.

"People were disappointed when MMC was only named delivery project partner for the MRT, because it doesn't really mean much for the company," he said.

In a research report, OSK Research Sdn Bhd research head Chris Eng said he believes there are many potential positive catalysts for MMC that will see the company grabbing the headlines and enjoying a positive rally similar to its other sister companies, DRB-HICOM Bhd and Padiberas Nasional Bhd.

These include Syed Mokhtar buying Penang Port/Northport/ Kuantan Port/Kemaman Port, MMC securing the proposed East-West Railway project and a resurgent of newsflow on Iskandar Malaysia.

MMC is the second largest owner of private landbank in Iskandar.

"With Syed Mokhtar definitely appearing to be in the good books of the government currently, we do expect that it will only be a matter of time before something comes in MMC's way. As such, we maintain our Trading Buy call on the company with our some-of-part fair value unchanged at RM3.62," he said

Read more:

TEH : I read this one with great interest!! Haha.

Dedicate this song to her. Hehe

DOW up another 95 points ... why KLCI is not following mommy? I have mentioned that it is NOT right to check if DOW up or down, as KLCI is a big-boy now. They are independent!! The correlation is very low, if any.

DRB : Taking over POS but POS is dropping. If the offer price is at RM3.60, why someone selling her at RM3.20? DRB is dropping to support RM2.22 too.

Oil : At 113 level, it is quite risky to look into MAS or AirAsia. Someone asked me about MAS at RM1.80 level now.

Kencana : Waiting for her to move ... will she surges up and make me smile?

EAH : I was monitoring her for weeks and yesterday it flew off when I was too busy!! Hmm ...

MPHB : RSI at 71, still chasing up? I want her back, perhaps during short correction.

Malton : Needs to break 0.74 resistance. Wait ...

10.10 am : KLCI up 2.5 points.

EAH : Down in red due to profit-taking for short-contra players. Never to chase a stock which up hugely the days before as we never know when 'they' going to throw her away. It is just a reminder to myself as I hv been caught a few times.

What if ... it shoots up another 10% or more? These are in those 'greedy' minds. It is natural, dont worry. It is NORMAL. Well, normal traders lose money in markets, remember? The stats of 80-90% STILL losing money(or lost and quitted) speak for itself.

QL-wa : At 0.97 now, my turtle EK, who bought into her when I told him I grabbed QL-wa at 0.90 level weeks ago. I have sold her off before election. He is still holding. Time to consider to sell at 0.99? We should not ask anyone to sell any stocks as the stock might shoot up the moment we say 'sell'. Markets have minds by themselves and it seems that 'they' are against us?
MahSing-cb : At 0.365, drifting lower ... watching 0.345.

WCT-wc : Still at 0.76 level but seeing it drifiting lower, actually. WCT still supported on RM3. Once broken, time to get out.

Hubline : Most actively traded stock, SELLING pressure is so strong. Dont know why. I written about Maybulk not in good sector, why Hubline down today? I checked the chart - broken 0.16 support level, RSI at 28. IF it is a good 'fundamental' stock, I will place her in my list but she is not in my book.

Focus Lumber : Welcoming her, one of the best IPO now as it touched RM1, at 0.97 now. Crazy-la ... congrats to those got her at IPO level.

MPHB : In red today ... glad I cleared her-cd at 0.355? So, at what level should I buyback?

11.30 am : Thu is good, if no dept meeting, I hv two hours free.

EAH: Dali written about her again. It shot up yesterday. So, I m going to BET on her. Grabbing at 0.480-0.485 level now.

YTLLand : Inching up to 1.86 now. Waiting to clear half at 1.88 and another at 1.94. Could I?

Spoiling our kids with expensive toys?

Lamborghini : A student(of stupid mentality, obviously) drove a white Lamborghini and somehow the security guard allowed him to park the car inside the compound. Mind you, parking is strictly for 'customers' and selected staff only. Anyway, this stupid student certainly SHOWING his stupidty - yup, zrrrommm the exhaust violently so that everyone a mile away will know he is here!! Many students rushed out of classrooms to 'watch' the show - giving him the attention is desired. Obviously, he is looking for attention and got it.

I am busy - otherwise, I might want to question the security guard(I know many of them as I ride bikes to college and we parked our kap-cai at the same place). Why give him the cheap-thrill that he wanted? These rich kids have lack of attention at home. They do what-ever to be noticed(like taking drugs, wearing vulgoruos t-shirts etc etc).

Tag-Heuer : When I was invigilating an exam last month, I found a watch left by a student. By the look at it, and it's kinda heavy, I knew the watch worth thousands of ringgit. I gave it to the office, hoping it will reach the 'careless' student. The next day, office told me that he taken his watch. I wonder HOW they know it really belongs to him? It worth RM15k, I was told. ouch.

I am not into branded things, and I hope my kids will NOT grow up in such stupidity-craze. Why should I be paying RM15k for a watch as the function of the watch is to tell time? Do they know that a car is just a machine, a mode of transportation to bring us(under a roof - othwerwise, my kap-cai could do better) from a point to a point? Even if you are driving a sport car which could accelerate to 300km/hr, excuse me ... driving in Subang Jaya or KL-jammed road, can u really go fast? Hmm ... I want to talk more of stupidity of human-unkind. I will want to start with the stupid so-called royal weddings!! Haha ... do they have royal-divorces too? Hmm ...

4.00 pm : KLCI still in green ...

EAH : Done more at 0.470.

EAH-wa : 0.175 done. wow.

Masteel-wa : Cleared at 0.80 this morning as the news did not move her up. Out.

FLBhd : Congrats ... 100% in ONE day trading!! DO NOT think too much of LOGIC. This is share-market, you buy ... I buy higher.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It is Wednesday ... the busiest day of in the week. I will have classes till 8.30pm tonight from 8am this morning.

MU : I am glad MU won ... yeah. Hope they will meet RM in the final.

Kencana : I m stalking her, so I grabbed Kencana-cd this morning at 0.40.

MPHB-cd : Continues to shoot higher, overbought - so, I wont top-up but might think of clearing now. Grab it back during correction.

EAH : Moving again ... do look at EAH-wa for good punt.

Masteel-wa : As I hv cleared some at 0.825, it went to 0.80 level and moving again today.

QL : Breaching 3.20 level now, checking that QL-wa to breach RM1?

10.50 am : MPHB-cd cleared at 0.355. Oh boy ... should I grab her back later? I have good average at 0.31 but did not buy hugely into her when at 0.30.

Call-warrants : From cc to cd

I have moved from cc to cd for call-warrants. So, grabbing Kencana-cd and MPHB-cd or DRB-cd ... still have MudaJaya-cd or even Supermax-cd. MahSing-cd and UemLand-cd are not interesting(no or low volume). Even PChem-cd or MHB-cd do not generate any interest much.

2.20 pm : KLCI up 5 points.

Genting : Reaching for 11.98 high level soon, then it will be over-bought - SELL. I want to ride on her again with Genting-cv.

5.15 pm : KLCI up 2.5 points.

EAH : Flew off ... sigh .. I was TOO BUSY to grab her and grabbed Kencana-cd instead.

MPHB-cd : Still strong but I hv to let her go.

Tired ... and still have another 2 hours to go. Off for dinner.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

5.30 pm : Just done with my classes ... KLCI up 3.29 points today.

YTL : A split of 5 - at 1.68 now.

Genting and PChem are still in red. MAS going below 1.80.

MPHB : Moved today, up in the last hour of trading ... holding MPHB-cd

Taann-ca : Up to 0.235 today. Hmm ... it was in red in the morning. Let her go.

I am off soon. Need to check on O&G counters tmr morning.

DOW flat ... HSI up 200+ points. KLCI is still not as bullish. O&G taking a break with my PChem moving lower, consolidating. Tho I want to write, I could not ... will be very busy till 7pm today.


While I cant entertain many with more of my writings(why would anyone bother, actually? haha), here is a nice song I enjoyed this morning!!

Note : This is for neno or some stupid narrow-minded readers/people around. Listening to a so-called cute Mandarin song doesnt reflect anything much on me (and never generalise). It doesnt mean I am in good mood? In doesnt mean I know Mandarin? It doesnt even mean I am a Chinese!! It doesnt mean I am trying to be young? Or be cute? Or whatever your dumb brain is thinking. Do not generalise, please. Dont constrain your small-brain into a peanut-shell. I am playing her song here doesnt mean I like her songs(in general - i do not, actually). When I play a Linkin Park songs(which my fav), doesnt mean I am trying to be 'rock'. What is that? Grow-up la ... it is just a song and happen that I like songs, varities.

Look at stocks ... some buy dividend-stocks to hold, some buy due to technical reasons, some punt due to news or some even dont know why they buy/sell something. Does it matter? Not everyone bother about fundamental analysis, ok? Accept that ... accept others too. Be open-minded so that our peanut-sized brain could grow.

10.30 am : KLCI recovering, still a fraction below.

PChem : Looking at 7.16 level to buy more.

POS : Interesting drop.

MayBulk : Not a sector investor will want to be in. Dropping further.

HapSeng : Still watching for reversal.

SPSetia-wb : Still dropping ... look at support 1.21-1.22. I would rather wait.

WCT : Still at RM3.00 and WCT-wc at 0.76, thin volume.

Mahsing, Kencana, Sapcres still being abandoned. Need to stalk closely as they will be in play again.

MahSing-cb : Waiting for 0.345 level.

Sapcres : Target price upgraded by RHB to RM4.60 level. Cool? It is at RM3.70 level at the moment. If that is true, take out all your money from FD or Bonds, BUY all into one counter - say, Sapcres since that is a cool 20% or more upside, comparing to the pathetic 3-5% we gain from FD or Bonds. What is wrong again? THE RISK. Besides, target prices SHOULD not be taken seriously la.

HapSeng : Broken 5.77 level, looking at 5.45 level now.

"Sell in MAY and go away". Are we in that direction?


Monday, April 25, 2011

Growing Pains: Money Lessons We Should Have Learned

byJustine Rivero

Sunday, April 24, 2011

If only our earliest encounters with money, like getting a quarter for cleaning our room or a whole dollar from the Tooth Fairy, taught us what we would need to know about personal finance. Instead, we learned the hard way by growing up.

A lightbulb flickered in my head in fifth grade when I realized my $10 weekly lunch allowance didn't need to be spent on cafeteria pizza. By saving $2 a week for two months, I could buy my first Backstreet Boys CD. It was a moment I'd never forget, for it finally dawned on me exactly what money was worth -- anything I wanted.

Over the years, I traded school lunch for CDs, birthday money for movie tickets, and even college textbook money for new boots. The exchange value of money, as I like to call it, grew larger and grander as I moved into my early 20's. I likely "exchanged" thousands of dollars before I graduated college, yet still hadn't learned how to manage my finances. By the time I got my first job, I spent more on food and happy hour than on rent and found myself in serious credit card debt. Obviously, I still didn't have a clue about money management.

As children we learn to spend and as adults we learn to save. Along the way, did we ever learn how to manage our day-to-day personal finances? Unfortunately, for most of us the answer is no.

Luckily, I'm older, wiser, and in less debt, and in the spirit of good karma, I'm sharing the five money lessons I wish I knew -- and we all should've learned -- growing up:

1) Know what you can afford. Being realistic about what you can afford is hard to live by daily. Really consider what it means to have a lifestyle your salary can support, without living paycheck to paycheck or having to choose groceries over the car payment. Shopping for my first car, I wanted a new Mini Cooper; instead, I bought a used Honda Civic. Sure I could have gotten the Mini, but that would have meant I'd have to regress to the college diet of Easy Mac and cereal.

2) Savings is a priority, not an afterthought. As we grow up, our money goals graduate from lunch, to CDs, to cars, then maybe a house. But we don't always prioritize a savings account, or for that matter, an emergency fund. The summer after college, I planned to spend my entire savings on a summer-long trip to Thailand. Due to unexpected circumstances, I needed the cash instead for my first apartment and car. These days, I allocate a certain percentage straight from my paycheck to my savings, and also prioritize having an emergency fund as well as a separate vacation fund.

3) How to use credit cards. My friends taught me that credit cards are a great lifeline for the things we can't afford right now. It wasn't until I was in college and battling over $2,000 in credit card debt did I realize that credit cards are best used in amounts we can afford to fully pay back. Since credit cards are one of the best credit-building tools, I adopted a new attitude towards credit: I keep my card active every month, charge a little, and pay it on time and in full. My credit score jumped from 695 to 754 in a year.

4) Deal with debt, now. When we get into debt, we don't often prioritize paying it off and end up costing ourselves hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest. Being saddled with debt doesn't have to be a fact of life; dealing with debt as quickly as possible is the strategy we should always take whether we're $50 or $15,000 in debt. In two years, I paid over $700 in interest charges on the $2,200 debt I graduated with. Finally, I made up my mind to begin hacking away and pay more than just the minimum payment. Thanks to cutbacks on eating out and shopping, I started paying hundreds more towards my debt every month.

5) For what you didn't learn, ask. In school, wise teachers told us, "There are no stupid questions." What they should've added is that not asking questions could also cost us money. For all of the financial actions you plan to take, do your research. With so much information at our fingertips, personal finance websites and tools like Credit Karma, LearnVest, Bundle and The Motley Fool can help you understand and manage money. There is no longer any excuse not to invest your money or to let your husband do your taxes.

I bought my first car on my own dime after graduating. Right before going to the dealership, I asked my Dad for advice on how to negotiate price. He proceeded to share his so-called foolproof secrets on how he managed to purchase 11 cars in his lifetime way below sticker price. When I questioned why he didn't teach me savvy financial know-how before, he said, "You never asked."

Don't wait to be taught; or worse, stop learning the hard way. We need to question, challenge, and learn to empower ourselves about personal finance each and every day.

Justine Rivero is the Credit Advisor for Credit Karma, the pro-consumer credit advocate. The site helps more than 2.4 million consumers realize the everyday cost savings of having a good credit score.

This article is part of a series related to being Financially Fit

Copied by TEH


Life by Des'ree

Des'ree - Life
lyrics: Yeah! Oh yeah! Oh life! Oh life!

I'm afraid of the dark
Especially when I'm in a park
And there's no one else around,
Oh I get the shivers.
I don't want to see a ghost,
It's the sight that I fear most
I'd rather have a piece of toast
And watch the evening news.

Life, oh life! Oh life! Oh life! doo,
Doot doot dooo... Life, oh life! Oh life!
Oh life! doo doot doo

I'm a superstitious girl
I'm the worst in the world
Never walk under the ladders,
I keep a rabbit's tail.
I'll take you up on the dare,
Anytime, anywhere;
Name the place,
I'll be there,
Bungee jumping, I don't care!

life oh life...

So after all said and done
I know I'm not the only one
Life indeed can be fun,
If you really want to.
Sometimes living out your dreams,
Ain't as easy as it seems
You wanna fly around the world,
In a beautiful balloon.

Chorus (2x)

Doo doot doo doot.
Oh, life, oh life!

Life is Life by Opus

Nanananana (all together now)

Life (nanananana)
Life is life (nanananana)
Labadab dab dab life (nanananana)
Liiiiiiiife (nanananana)

When we all give the power
We all give the best
Every minute of an hour
Don't think about the rest
And you all get the power
You all get the best
When everyone gets everything
And every song everybody sings

And it's life (nanananana)
Life is life (nanananana)
Life is life (nanananana)
Labadab dab dab life (nanananana)

Life is life when we all feel the power
Life is life come on, stand up and dance
Life is life when the feeling of the people
Life is life is the feeling of the band

When we all give the power
We all give the best
Every minute of an hour
Don't think about the rest
Then you all get the power
You all get the best
When everyone gives everything
And every song everybody sings

And it's life (nanananana)
Life is life (nanananana)
Labadab dab dab life (nanananana)
Life is life (nanananana)

Life (nanananana)

Life (nanananana)
Life is life (nanananana)
Labadab dab dab life (nanananana)
Live is life (nanananana)

And you call when it's over
You call it should last
Every minute of the future
Is a memory of the past
Cause we all gave the power
We all gave the best
And everyone gave everything
And every song everybody sang

TEH : Which version of 'life' do you prefer?

9.30 am : KLCI up 3 points.

Taann-ca, DRB-cd and Masteel-wa in green. Clearing one of them later. PChem-ca and MPHB-cd lack of interests. Wait.

Taann-ca : Cleared some at 0.245, waiting to clear more at 0.25 and 0.255. If one grabbed at 0.22, sold it at 0.245, that is roughly 10%. It is actually equivalent to buying at stock at RM2.20 and sold it at RM2.45(example DRB). What is not equal? THE RISK. Think again.

Note : I want to write about the RISK of punting into CWs as many started to think of buying/punting into call-warrants. Some of them are so new to markets and asking what a call-warrants are or even what is the stock-market?! Yet, they want to learn to buy call-warrants. So, it is only fair NOT to answer them. In general, we learn to ride a bicycle in our neighbourhood before venturing into something risky. JS and many more, THINK RISK not profits.

Masteel-wa : Cleared some at 0.825 done.

POS : At 3.27, one of the top loser. WHY would anyone sell-off POS if DRB is paying RM3.60 to Khazanah for her? This is another case where technical analysis SHOULD NOT be used. It will be a joke to mention about its technical indicators.

GuanChong : Recently a breakout occured. So, I placed her in my stalk-list.

2.40 pm : Failed to clear DRB-cd. It is in red now.

Taann-ca : At 0.225 now, could you see the RISK? I hv only cleared 1/3 of my portion at 0.245 this morning, keeping another 2/3 in case it shoots up. But, as it didnt, I hv to clear her for smaller profits!! Otherwise, it might go below my cost price and I did not follow my plan for a short-punt.

Masteel-wa : Cleared some at 0.825 this morning, back to 0.805 level. Keep the other portion as the risk is not that high.

DRB-cd : Failure to clear it in the morning for profits seeing that I am in red now.

4.55 pm : Raining heavily again ... another class to go.

Taann-ca : Cleared all and the last portion at 0.225.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stock Watch


BStead : RSI 58.5. So, resistance at RM6 been tested a few times. Can it be broken soon?







Kencana : RSI at 50. 1G seen. Support at 2.66 at the moment, O&G will be in play, so it could test RM2.88 again. Watching to consider her cd.

KPJ : RSI at 52. At RM4 level. Nice chart forming, can watch and grab its wa. Being mentioned in The Edge(again?).







SPSetia : RSI 46.4, 4 black-candle sticks. At 20MA. Looking at RM4.05 level.




My Warrants

: WIth POS news out, will that be positive to DRB? Will like to sell her off tmr.

Masteel-wa : RSI 58. If the current news didnt move it to rebound, I will be out. Masteel nicely supported at RM1.36.

MPHB-cd : Hope I hv holding power as I believe it could go higher than 3.05 level.

PChem-ca : This is the only O&G counter I am holding. Still at cost price. Thinking of Sapcres or Kencana.

Taann-ca : RSI 63. See if I could tahan her. At 6.65 now, resistance at RM7. Sell at RM7 or RSI 70? Bought at 0.22&0.225, at 0.24 now.

Making money from hobbies


A HOBBY can be more than just a pleasant past-time activity. With some effort and perhaps a little bit of luck, it can make you money. One famous example is Famous Amos, the popular US-based cookie company.

While not many will strike gold with their hobbies like the founder of Famous Amos, here are some examples of individuals who have managed to turn their favourite past-times into decent money churners.

Adelyn Koh currently owns and runs the Junk Book Store, which, according to the Malaysia Book of Records, is the biggest second-hand bookstore in the country.

But the idea of selling second-hand books actually started from a hobby, or rather passion for old books, says Koh.

Adelyn Koh with one of the old books available at the store.

“Yes, it started from a hobby of my husband's. He used to collect a lot of books and then one day we felt, why not try selling them?”

The rest, as they say, is history. Koh now operates from a three-storey shoplot in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, which is just five minutes away from Central Market a long way from humble beginnings of selling books from a 600 sq ft room in Jalan Ampang.

Junk Book Store, established in 1990, today has an inventory of more than one million rare and used books, with the oldest book dating back to the 19th century.

Many individuals are known for “being good with their hands,” and don't realise its significance until someone else starts appreciating it.

For Ratnam, 58, who resides in Johor, tinkering with his 1967 Volkswagen Beetle when he was in his 20s was nothing more than just a weekend hobby.

“I started small, first just changing the engine oil and perhaps adjusting the brakes. Than I moved on to bigger jobs, like engine overhaul and transmission replacements. It was always a hobby and I had no intention of doing it for profit,” he says.

Then one fine day, a friend, who also owned a Volkswagen Beetle, couldn't get it started and went to Ratnam for help.

“I managed to diagnose the problem quickly and got it started,” he says, adding that he did not charge his friend in return for the help.

“My friend kept coming back for minor jobs and would occasionally introduce me to some of his associates (who also owned Volkswagen Beetles) and they started bringing their cars to me for repairs.

“I never asked for payment but many of them felt obliged to pay me. Now, more than 20 years on, I still get people coming to me to repair their (Volkswagen) cars for them and it provides me with some pocket money,” says Ratnam.

A retired postal worker, Ratnam says he's practically a full-fledged mechanic today.

“It started out as a hobby. Little did I know it would help me make extra money now that I'm retired.”

Khatijah, 64, from Kuala Lumpur, used to bake cookies for her son, a banker, and his colleagues. Soon, word spread and she was preparing food for the entire office.

“I first started baking them on weekends for the family. My son would take the remaining biscuits to work the next day. Initially, I started making extra because his colleagues also wanted to taste the cookies.

“Soon, I started getting requests from the bank manager himself. Some of them wanted the cookies for their family and friends and the orders started getting bigger,” Khatijah says, adding that she makes a “nice small income” from her cookies and biscuits.

Many individuals who are active in sports or just do it as a hobby have managed to reap more than just its “health benefits.”

Kepong Baru-based Universe Gym manager-cum-trainer John Anthony was just a regular member at the gym when it began operations in the late-80s. Then, it was owned and run by a close friend of his.

“I would go to the gym in the evenings to exercise, just like anyone else. I would help to take over whenever my friend had to leave the gym to attend to personal matters.”

Due to unforeseen circumstances, John's friend passed away and the gym was closed for about a month.

Fearing that the business would be sold off, John took it upon himself to reopen the gym and manage it on a temporary basis until a suitable partner could take over its operations.

“No one else wanted to take over and the gym was just idling away. I felt that it would have been a waste if it was shut down,” he says.

That was in 1996. Fast forward to today and John is still running the gym. What's more, business has grown and its members have more than tripled.

“We've also shifted to a bigger location and (we're) now the most hard-core gym in Kepong,” he says in jest, adding that he now mans the gym on a daily basis and earns a reasonable side income from it.

John says most of the money is used to maintain and upgrade the gym.

Khalid, 32, from Terengganu, aspired to become a professional football player when he was younger but opted to do something else when he realised that teaching was his true calling.

He still has a passion for the sport and on weekends organises football classes for kids.

“It was a hobby of mine (playing football) and it still is. As a teacher, my weekends are free and I thought, why not try to earn some extra income from it?”

Khalid says he started giving free football lessons to his siblings' children at a nearby field and soon “the group” got bigger.

“Today, I'm coaching kids from my entire neighbourhood,” he says, adding that he does make much from the lessons he gives.

“It's not much, but I don't really do it for the money. The money is just a bonus,” Khalid says.

TEH : Since blogging is my hobby, perhaps I could earn some passive income from it someday!! Hmm ...

Liverpool won 5 - 0 but I did not watch the game. I had dinner with my siblings and my bro-in-law said that I need to sleep!! I need two days of sleep and everyone agreed I looked tired.

So, I skipped my usual Liverpool game, skip reading The Edge last night and straight to bed. I really need to rest ... Surprisingly, Suarez did not score but Torres scored(finally) for the Blues.

Good bargains among the not-so-hot stocks

1. E&O
2. Engtex
3. IGB
4. L&G
5. MKH
6. Paramount
7. Parkson
8. Sozo
9. White Horse
10. YTL

These are taken from The Edge. E&O is hot-stock to me, it has always been a good stock to trade due to high liquidity. While L&G once a while being used by syndicates to lure punters(I am not so sure about its fundamentals), one could look into Paramount, a better fundamental property stocks. I read about White Horse and might look more into her for its high dividends. YTL has always in my stock-list(together with her babies - YTLPower, YTLLand, YTL-e ... YTLCement taken off).

IGB is still in my stalk-list tho being 'ignored' since they sold Gardens to Kris. Engtex is a property stock too? I do not know that. Will check on that. While Parkson still in my list, I never look into Sozo(or most of the newly listed IPOs).

So, if I need to do some homework on some of them, it might take me hours!! So, what I do will be checking them technically first. That is 'easier' ... then, read more on the fundamentals if I am interested.

Naim being mentioned. Masteel(and KUB) in news about the MRT in Iskandar. Still checking on news of POS and DRB.

Sunday is time for family ... visiting mom later. But I still have a class later. Dont know if I could have the time to do any work on them today. Too bad ...

HapSeng : Signs of reversal ... watching.

1.oo pm : If you drive to USJ1, Summit here ... one will notice a new development - the Da-Men(big door) which developed by Equine Capital. It is a mixture of office, residential and such. I dont think so I could afford ... but I could afford to buy Equine stock. Will check on her.

Syed Mokhtar's empire building

DRB Hicom is controlled by Syed Mokhtar who also controls a vast array of other businesses such as ports including the nation’s second largest — the Port of Tanjung Pelepas — the nation’s largest independent power producer Malakoff Corp, water treatment plants, national rice supplier Bernas and the national gas distribution business via Gas Malaysia His flagship company MMC Corp is also involved in a joint venture with Gamuda to be the project manager for the KL MRT touted as the nation’s largest ever construction project.

TEH : Is DRB a GLC? Why some reports saying she is not when politically it is obvious that DRB is a GLC? Anyone?


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday ... time for classes. Dinner tonight with family. So, will be no post today. Till tmr ...

Have a nice weekend.


Friday, April 22, 2011


TEH : I like this one very much. They are more relax without much of girls screaming and the laser-lights flying around. Hehe

TEH : This one is the older version - 2007. They were not THAT popular then and the steps are really cool.

Currently, I am trying to follow the Battleground(TV8) on Wednesday 9.30pm. Yes, I do like these dance-steps. Hip-hop and break-dancing.

Friday ... I do not bring my pc home, I do not want to go online at home as I hv promised myself to watch TV/movie with my family or bring them places. Exams is nearing, so more classes and more students look for me to ask questions etc. So, I m kinda busy.

In the midst of my busyness, I tried to pen down a few of my thoughts here. Also, I do trade a few which I am monitoring.

DOW up again 50 points. Wonder why KLCI was not flying yesterday, with GenM and PChem down. Of coz Tenaga dragging KLCI down too with not-so-good news being reports or spread around. It reminds me that when analysts or broker houses saying HOLD or SELL, it is time to think of BUYing such a good stock!! These un-scrupulous analysts working for the BANKS which linked to SYNDICATES and manipulating the movements of our 'small' Bursa. We have to face that and play along with them. We are smaller than ikan-bilis in their world.

WCT-wc : As I bought into her, thru KN, at 0.83 before Swak election, it is at 0.76 now. It is a new warrant and we hv little technical indicators to gauge her. Currently, at 0.76(might be forming a base here), WCT supported at RM3. The volumes are very low, showing that it no longer in play at the moment. Checking if WCT could be moving into a BB squeeze ... nope. It is consolidating at RM3, without any interest. Resisted at 20MA, it might take some time for it to move again. Decision - HOLD.

YTLLand : The only stock I bought this week is her ... I have sold her at 1.88 and 1.94, so at 1.80 it is deemed 'cheaper'. So, I bought hugely into her and checking to clear some at 1.88-1.90 level again. It needs to break 1.94-1.95 resistance to look for newer ground. Failing that will see me clearing her again, only to grab back at lower price?

UEMLand : I do still have her, and heard the rumour that it might be considered to be included into top-30. Hmm ... replacing Plus?

Breaking Benjamin - Diary Of Jane

TEH : I hv posted this song, perhaps a few times(LOL), simply because I like this number by them a lot. This one is with a cool lyric!! I will want to put my hands(and brian) in creating such a clip one day.

GenM : At support 3.62, looking for 3.55 for an entry level. This is for those interested in her. I am too ... RSI at 49 at the moment, at 3.55 would be a good level when it is at lower-band, next suppoort level and lower RSI level. Understand? Be patient. Note that on 4th April, at 3.80 it was a SELL signal, technically. Those buy-n-hold wont need to bother much. I do think it will breach 3.80 in near future. So, I have GenM-cp in my mind to trade.

10.05 am : KLCI is flat. Why is KLCI infested with ACE-market bugs? Perhaps they were using the recycled or used matresses sold by those 'Tilam Lama, Tukar Baru' direct-selling vendors.

11.05 am : KLCI still down by 2 points.

Masteel : Watching her, broken 1.42, looking at 1.33. RSI at 50 level. Grabbed Masteel-wa at 0.80, market price now.

QL-wa : Flying off today, I have sold her off before Swak election. This is what we are waiting for ... our stocks to fly off and sell for good profits. Many of time, I m not patient enough.

Masteel-wa : Could be my only buying today. Done at 0.795 and 0.80. Lower queues not done yet.

Taann-ca : Moving today ... good. See if the momentum is still strong, I should average-up.

MPHB-cd, DRB-cd and PChem-ca at my cost price. See any weakness to clear, and riding on those moving higher ...

3.00 pm : Have to go soon for classes till 8pm.

3.45 pm : Raining heavily here ...

Chat-box : I hv to remove it AGAIN as some jokers and neno are infesting there. We dont need these junks but they are around us. Luckily, they are the minority in our surrounding. Thank Goodness it is Good Friday.

Got class till 8.30pm.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

2.00 pm : It is still Thursday ... hmm ... half day of trading-day. KLCI not as bullish as expected.

Taann-ca : Grabbed her at 0.225 and checking if the party just starts or over soon?

Excuse me, why some junky stocks goreng-ed 100% up today? Tricubes has surged sixfold in three days, according to the report. Hmm ... what is IE? Internet explorer also listed in KLCI(tho ace-market)

4.25 pm : KLCI down by 2.6 points.

Taann-ca : Done more at 0.220.

4.35 pm : Time to go for another class soon.

MPHB-cd : Bought some back at 0.310 & 0.305(and queues at lower not done yet).

8.50 am : Will be busy the whole day again ... I am not complaining as being busy means GOOD.

MPHB : A buy call by CIMB, breakout with next resistance at 3.22. So, I want OUT of MPHB-cd soon .... when many coming in, time to get out.

PChem-ca : An average at 0.455, this is another big positions I am holding. Still wait for my 10%-15% profits ... as today could be a bullish day, can I clear her for profits too?

Genting-cv : Will not chase her ... cleared too early at 0.160. Noted.

Laggards : What should I look for could be those laggards such as Dialog, Kencana or Sapcres. Even the neglected MahSing and WCT.

10.10 am : Surprisingly KLCI is flat ... smell any bad news around?

ACE-party : There is someone's birthday or anniversary there? Why these penny stocks are having party? Due to the so-smart Smartag? Or Smart tunnel? Or what-ever smart?

CW : My Pchem-ca and DRb-cd not doing so well so far. MHPB-cd in red ... good, wait for another day of red.

11.45 am : KLCI in red.

Timber-stocks : Leads by Taann, many coming alive again ... WTK, Lingui, Leweko ... moving.

Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One

TEH : Like this song years ago ... still very nice. Was played when I had my lunch. I wish I could just go back home, listen to such songs by the sea-side. Yes, I want to go back to Sabah, to my 'small' beach apartment at Melinsung. I do miss Sabah very much, trapped in the hectic expected lifestyle in KL. It has been a year plus I am here ... for the betterment of financial, but it may not be healthy and what I really want. Hmm ...

Taann-ca : Bought into her, implusive. See how it goes ...


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

6.30 pm : Another class to go till 8.30pm. Arghh ... wish I am 'robot', no tireness ... no emotions in trading. No emotion for the country and its dirty politics. No ... just a robot.

I subscibed to MK(MalaysiaKini) ... and start to read some news, political-linked news in opposition's points of views.

Will check on some stocks tonight, after 11.30pm

Genting-cv : Received an e-mail from a reader stating that he is glad to 'follow' my buy into Genting-cv on Monday and he is still holding. Besides thanking me, can I have my D&C, please?

11.25 pm : DOW up 170 points!! BULLISH ...

I am too tired but I do check on few stocks such as HapSeng, MAS, Kencana, Sapcres ... many more. My YTLLand not moving yet ... WCT still at RM3 and Masteel in profit taking?

MPHB-cd : 0.31 is the resistance and broken today. Into new high ... watching.


Stock Watch

DRB-Hicom : The news is out. They won the POS. Technically, the next leg up, it will test its new high. Considering cc or cd later.

KPJ : Back to support seen at RM4. Good stock to grab.

9.10 am : Grabbed DRB-cd at 0.22 and 0.225.

9.50 am : KLCI in green.

Genting : Genting up. My Genting-cv doing well today.

MPHB-cd : Good movement, my largest position amongst all my CWs.

10.15 am : Genting-cv cleared all at 0.160 for contra-trade. Bought 0.150 on 2 days ago.

PChem-ca : Will hold her till volumes dry-up or no longer attractive.

MPHB : Reaching for RM3 now. watching.

11.15 am : KLCI up 7 points.

Genting : Breaching 11.40 resistance, and see if it could sustain. As I hv cleared my cv, if I want her back, I shall wait for Genting to confirm breaching of 11.40, and retraces back to 11.40 support level(by then). So, no chasing ... as I am moving into DRB-cd this morning.

MPHB : New high registered today ... at 2.99. MPHB-cd doing very well and will let the winner runs ...

MPHB-cd : Cleared half at 0.310, market price as huge selling of MPHB at RM3.00. Keep another half if I need to see if huge buying is here to grab at RM3.

5.05 pm : KLCI up 9 points. Bullish.

I was busy wil classes the whole day but managed to clear Genting-cv(ouch ... it moves higher, at 0.170 now) and MPHB-cd(0.31 and 0.33 done - left 0.35 level).

What I failed is to get the MOST out of my trades. I was too random. While buying hugely into MPHB-cd was a good decision, another huge one is PChem-ca which not moving much. I only grabbed little of Genting-cv, even that I cleared far too early. Yes, I wss running for classes and very busy ... I could NOT monitor and could only queue at levels to take profits and let it be. I am so busy that I did not buy-back Genting-cv.

Never mind ... just need to do more homework tonight and see what else to buy or should I buyback my Genting or MPHB.

DRB-HICOM wins Pos stake by Francis Fernandez

Published: 2011/04/20

Kuala Lumpur: Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary's DRB-HICOM Bhd has won a bid to take over national postal company Pos Malaysia Bhd, people familiar with the matter said yesterday.

Business Times understands that DRB-HICOM will sign an agreement with Khazanah Nasional Bhd early next week to buy the latter's Pos Malaysia stake.

DRB-HICOM sees Pos Malaysia as a crucial fit to expand its Islamic banking operation, now parked under Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd.

Khazanah, the government investment arm, currently holds 30 per cent of Bank Muamalat, while the remaining 70 per cent is owned by DRB-HICOM.

It is understood that DRB-HICOM is buying Pos Malaysia from Khazanah for about RM3.60 a share. The latter currently owns 32.21 per cent of Pos Malaysia.
The deal will value Khazanah's Pos Malaysia stake at about RM623 million.

Last year, Khazanah had called an open bidding process for suitors of Pos Malaysia.

About a week ago, two companies - DRB-HICOM and Scomi Group Bhd - were shortlisted by the Khazanah board.

It is understood that the DRB-HICOM bid was the most attractive option for Pos Malaysia because of the conglomerate's plan to eventually inject Bank Muamalat, the country's second full-fledged Islamic bank, into it.

This, in turn, will provide Bank Muamalat with a much wider network nationwide.

There are currently some 692 post offices and 355 mini post offices, according to Pos Malaysia's website.

TEH : It is my 'dream' to visit most of the towns and cities in Malaysia by BIKE. Yes, not my kap-cai ... but in a 'bigger' one. And I will want to visit most of the post office all over the Malaysia. That is my dream .. only my wife heard of such crazy plans!! Haha. I will do that once I retired from my full-time job ... I m too tied down now with works and kids.

Bank Muamalat, meanwhile, has 46 branches.

For the 15 months ended March 31 2010, Bank Muamalat posted a pre-tax profit of RM142 million versus RM44.1 million in the corresponding period in 2008,

Its total assets rose to RM16.7 billion from RM14.4 billion previously.

Bank Muamalat's 2010 financial year tracked 15 months instead of 12 months because it was changing its year-end to March 31 from December 31 to coincide with its parent's financial year.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HSI down by 300 points. DOW is flat tonight.

Stock Watch

Masteel : Breakout of 1.42 recently, and back to 1.42 as support. Primary buyers bought at 1.20 level. Secondary buyers bought her after the breakout and currently under correction, I may want to consider her at 1.42 level. I shall go for the warrant again which I hv cleared her much too early. Together with KUB, Masteel is in news(it is NOT new)

MAS : At support 1.80 level. Touched a recent low of 1.77. Historical low at 1.63. Overtaken by AirAsia, un-imaginable 10 years ago.


p/s : I do want to keep politic views to the minimal as it might agitate many to probe more into our stinking politicians' lives. The suicide case of TEOH is not done yet. Honestly, I m ignorant. I do not know actually what this TEOH case was(is). SOmething to do with someone being questioned by anti-corruption officers and 'jumped' to his death? I prefer to talk about stocks! Haha.
Sex video: 'Datuk T' trio may be charged

Apr 18, 11 4:55pm

Police may charge the 'Datuk T' trio responsible for screening the video recording of a sex act involving a man resembling a prominent opposition leader after the investigation papers are sent to the Attorney-General's Chambers on Thursday for further action.

Federal police CID deputy director Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said police have not dismissed this possibility as it is an offence to screen pornographic material, under Section 292 of the Penal Code.

"But it's not for the police to decide on this (whether to charge those responsible). We will hold a proper press conference on this once everything is completed," he said when contacted by Bernama today.

Asked about developments in the investigation, he said there were still two matters to be sorted out, before the investigation papers could be sent to the AG's Chambers.

"If possible, we want to submit the investigation papers by this Thursday," he said.

Asked whether police had the power to arrest the individuals involved in the sex act, Acryl Sani said police did not.

"There is no legal provision for the police to arrest and take statements from them. We have to refer the matter to the AG's Chambers for any review," he said.

On March 21, the sex video was screened for several selected journalists at Carcosa Seri Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

The mystery of the 'Datuk T' trio - comprising former Malacca chief minister Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik, businessman Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and former Perkasa treasurer Shuib Lazim - was uncovered on March 23 when Rahim and Eskay admitted at a press conference that they had screened the sex video for the journalists.

Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar recently said that the sex video recording was confirmed to be genuine by experts who examined it.

- Bernama

TEH : I did not follow the 'story' about this JOKE of the country but as many talking about it, I wonder what is it all about. All I knew so far is that someone tried to frame Anwar(anything new, please?) and from SEX point of view. It could be with a man or a woman this time. How about with some 4-legged? That could stir better story, right?

Malaysian's politicians are SO IMMATURED. The press(national papers - which controlled by Gov) have NOTHING more constructive to write about but pages of this allegations, who said what and where and why ... sigh. These stamp that we are NOT ready to be a develop country.

Tuesday morning ... I am wearing green, accidentally. I do know it will be red today as DOW down 140 points last night.

KLCI down 10 points ... it was up yesterday, lured me into market and today, we feel trap again? Hmm ... the up and down will be more violent. Very volatile these days. For those who cant take it, it is time to step aside.

YTLLand : As I am positive towards market, positive towards property-sectors and positive towards YTL (and babies), I do look into accumulating YTLLand. Then, I m surprised that they do have YTLLand-ca attached to her. Unfortunately, it has been down and down since listed recently.

YTLLand-ca : Ratio 4 :1, expiry next March. Exercise price at 1.78, Currently traded at 10cents. So, that is 40 cents. YTLLand at 1.80 level. That is quite a high premium to pay, no wonder keep dropping la.

10.45 am : Time for lunch before 11am, otherwise no time for lunch!!

Counter : 100,000 reached. Noted.

KaramBunai - the best goreng-stock

In Sabah, a consortium comprising Prism Crystal Enterprises Ltd, Tan Sri Dr Chen Lip Keong and group of companies together with landowners, Karambunai Corp Bhd and Petaling Tin Bhd, will develop the Karambunai Integrated Resort City (KIRC) with an investment of RM 9.6 billion.

Contributing a GNI of about RM9.319 billion by 2020 and creating about 11,002 jobs by then, this premier world-class ecotourism destination will leverage on Malaysia’s competitive advantages in ecotourism and biodiversity, and feature tourism, health and eco-nature edutainment recreation facilities, he said.

This will also include a water theme park, water spectacles and fountain, cable car, mangrove research centre, harbour cruise, aqua and spa village amongst others.

Led by the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA), the "Pasar Komuniti" initiative (PAKAR) is a concerted effort to co-ordinate and amalgamate them in location with better facilities.

"With an investment of RM50 million, PAKAR will not only benefit the entrepreneurs but also the consumers, who will experience convenience and comfortable shopping within a solid and fixed structure," Najib said.


Monday, April 18, 2011

陳奕迅 《一絲不掛》

《 TIME FLIES 》陳奕迅 - 一絲不掛

作曲:Christopher Chak
監製:Alvin Leong


這根線其實說到底 誰拿捏在手

不聚不散 只等你給另一對手擒獲
那時青絲 不會用上餘生來量度
但我拖著軀殼 發現沿途尋找的快樂
仍繫於你肩膊 或是其實在等我捨割



不聚不散 只等你給另一對手擒獲
以為青絲 不會用上餘生來量度
但我拖著軀殼 發現沿途尋找的快樂
仍繫於你肩膊 或是其實在等我捨割

一直不覺 綑綁我的未可扣緊承諾
滿頭青絲 想到白了仍懶得脫落
被你牽動思覺 最後誰願纏繞到天國
然後撕裂軀殼 欲斷難斷在 不甘心去捨割

無奈你我牽過手 沒繩索

It was a late minute dramatic end with a draw. It is Monday, back to classes.

Failed breakout : Affin, MahSing.

Learning Corner : Never to regret on your trades

Many of times, when we decide to BUY or SELL a stock, for whatever reasons/excuses, we might look back in regrets!! Our stocks shot up AFTER we sold off our positions. We regretted and do nothing about it but to bang our head to the walls!! Hmm ... that could not be constructive, ok? Or AFTER we bought into a stock, some bad news(un-forseen?) hit the market/stock, and it started to move lower. Then we sit there regretting instead of make a decision to cut-loss.

Now, we need to understand that each time when we buy a stock, we HOPE that it move higher, but we need to prepare our next plan IF it did not move as what we expect, for whatever reason(s). For traders, we need to place a stop-loss before we buy into any stock as it is likely that our trades go against us. It has nothing much to do with your STARS or BAD LUCK. NOTHING. It has nothing much to do with your 'rationale' that that particular stock is your favourite and has profitted from her before!!

Be logical, please. I dont buy a Penang-based stock simply because I like Penang, right? At what level should I buy(and how much?) and at what level should I sell? No one could really tell what is next, that is why I find it defeating to REGRET.

By regretting, it sucks our energy ... we will be sitting there moaning instead of look for next opportunities. Seriously, we should not regret about our trades!! What we need to look into it more seriously will be what were going on in our mind that make us making such a decision. And think logically what we should be doing next(rather than emotionally). It is easier said than done, of coz.

Such emotions (of up and down) are not constuctive. But it happens in us each time we take a trade. To reduce such, we try to follow our plans. Making a decision by myself is much easier as I have to deal with myself. Only I could understand why I hv done some stupid decisions(buy or sell). Only I could understand if my decisions are rational.

REGRETTING is a destructive emotion. It drains us ... with those hai-ya or hai-yo ... all the cursing 'celaka', 'sial', 'no luck', 'if only I know', 'i should have ..' and so on ... it is STILL in me but at the very best, I will get away, re-call and re-collect my thoughts. What was going on, actually? What have I done right or wrong? Could I do better next time when similar opportunities are here?

Recent examples : I bought Scable(a Sarawak stock - related to Taib) at 1.27 due to technical ... 1.27 was it suport, forming a base and with Sarawak election nearing, I THOUGHT it will fly off!! Haha ... it went to 1.30+ but seeing it fails to move up and hovering at 1.30 for a week, with FEAR of election results around, it went lower. I cleared at cost price. It is at 1.21 now. Should I give myself a pat on my back and ... say, PHEW. Should I regret buying it in the first place?

Recent example : YH bought Genting at 10.10 level, and when it reaches 11.40 resistance level, she told me she got 'scared' seeing MANY rushing in to buy Genting at 11.40, resistance level with HIGH RSI. I could only asked her to THINK of SELLING. She logically sold her Genting at 11.40. If Genting shoots up to RM12 AFTER she sold it off, will she curse me? Since Genting went below 11 after that, should she thank me? Hmm ... decisions are NOT mine. I could only say my opinions, which proven WRONG many of times!!

PChem-ca : Grabbed her at 0.460.

MPHB-cd : Still like her, grabbed back at 0.290.

2.30 pm : KLCI up 8.88 points. Nice number for Chinese.

Genting-cv : Grabbing back at 0.145, in queue.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hua Yang: Maintain buy, target price RM2.08

WILSON & York Global Advisers Sdn Bhd said value investors will be attracted by the combination of Hua Yang Bhd's(5062) solid earnings growth and profitability at earnings multiples well below the company's peers.

Looking ahead, average return of equity is heading to levels of 13 to 15 per cent, nearly doubles the average seen over the period 2006-2009, whilst price by volume remains below 0.8 time.

Wilson & York said compared to Hua Yang's peers, the company offers a higher return on equity at lower multiples.

Although SP Setia is not in the peer group, investors must pay quite a premium for SP Setia Bhd's growth prospects as it currently trades on 2.9 times price by volume.
Hua Yang offers comparable growth rates at current year multiples less than 0.8 time price by volume and 6 times price estimate.

More importantly, the affordable housing sector that the company is focused on is far less saturated than the high-end segment that so many other listed companies are chasing.

Hua Yang has carved out a niche for itself in the value segment, providing good quality residential and commercial structures at reasonable prices.

Its landbank is well diversified, with three large projects in Klang Valley, Perak and Johor.

TEH : The last time I wrote about it and shared with my 'turtles', it was traded at 0.90 level. I shown some statistics, fundamentally, why this stock, tho smallish, worth noting. Today, at 1.50 level ... could we still BUY?

Hua Yang aims to be among top 10 players

Property developer Hua Yang Bhd (5062) aims to become one of the top 10 developers in Malaysia within five years by offering more residential and commercial properties.

"Currently, we are not even in the top 20 list. To be close to the top 10 list, you need to have RM300 million to RM500 million revenue annually. The big boys are way ahead, but nevertheless, it is our ambition to achieve the goal, hopefully in five years," said chief operating officer Ho Weng Yan in an interview with Business Times in Kuala Lumpur recently.

For its recent financial year ended March 31, the company's revenue grew by 67 per cent to RM100 million, while net profit rose 31 per cent to RM8.6 million.

It expects to perform better in the current financial year.

"It is highly likely to be a better year. So far, our products have received good response and we have a number of launches coming up. With consumer sentiment improving, we see the property market, especially properties for the middle-income group which we are focusing on, will continue to grow.
"Interest rates are low now and buyers are becoming more savvy these days. They know that interest rates will eventually go up. So, for them, they feel that this is the best time to buy properties now," he said.

Hua Yang plans to launch Phase Two of Symphony Heights sometime after Hari Raya, One South - a mixed development in Sg Besi worth RM540 million and spread over 6.7ha of land - in January next year, as well as a commercial development in Senawang and a residential development in Johor over the next 12 months.

It is also in talks with various land owners to expand its land bank. "We are always in talks. Normally, two to three pieces at the same time. We expect to seal one of the talks within the next 12 months," he said.

The company, which has projects in Johor, Perak and the Klang Valley, is also eyeing the Penang property market. "But, it is a very tough market. There's very little supply of land, especially on the island, and on the mainland, several big players have already established themselves there," he added.

The company, which has been established since 1978 or 31 years ago, started its business by building properties for the Perak market. In the 1980s, it decided to look beyond the home-base market.

"We tried a few small projects in Kuala Lumpur, but it was only in the 1990s that we did a big pro-ject outside Perak (Flagship project: Taman Pulai Indah in Johor). Last year, we entered the Klang Valley market in a big way with the launch of Symphony Heights," he added.

TEH : I started to stalk her when Sal.D mentioned her. We should check on the fundamentals of s stock before we want to talk about technical or whatever astrological analysis. Do you think HuaYang could be a top-10 developer in Malaysia in 5 years time? If so, at 1.50 level, it is still cheap(not the price of the stock but its valuations and potential growth).

Sunday ... time for some analysis and updating before kids wake-up.

Sarawak Election : Final results - of the 71 seats contested, Barisan Nasional wins 55, DAP 12, PKR 3 and Independent 1

4.15 pm : Doing some searching of Fajar. The Edge written about its wa which trading at a discount. is a VERY good site for some findings.

To check : Ivory, E&O and Tambun

To check : Fajar-wa and WCT-wc.

To check : DRB, UEM, MahSing, CyPark

10.45 pm : Liverpool away, vs Arsenal. What do you think?


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big Opportunities in Property Auctions

By Azizi Ali

I think I may have shot myself in the foot recently.

I found a gem from the classifieds: A double-storey linked house in Subang Jaya was up for auction. The house was empty (not tenanted), in good condition, on freehold land and get this, the reserve price was only RM230,000, well below the market value. In short, it ticks on all counts. I remember rubbing my eyes to check if they were playing tricks on me. But the Proclamation of Sale received from the auctioneer confirmed that it was true.

So I turned up at the Shah Alam High Court on the day of the auction with a big smile on my lips and dreams of grandeur in my brain.

But that smile soon disappeared. I discovered, to my horror, that there were 33 other bidders there, so much so that they practically filled up the auction room! Man oh man! That is the highest number of bidders for a property I ever experienced in my years of attending auctions. So I knew right there and then that it was a goner. My dreams of grandeur pretty much vaporized into thin air in that auction room. In fact, I just sat there quietly during the auction and just waited for it to end so I can collect my bank draft from the auctioneer. (For those who are interested, the winner of the auction (if you can call him that) paid RM360,000 for the house, above the market value.)

So the times have certainly changed.

Life used to be simpler. I find an interesting auction notice in the classifieds, get the Proclamation of Sale from the auctioneer, do some homework which includes checking the title at the Land Office and then if everything is in order, turn up at the court on the day of the auction. Usually, there are only two or three other bidders for the property which means my chances of winning is quite high.

However, the situation has changed drastically in the past few years as the number of bidders has increased significantly. (Sadly, I probably have contributed to the situation by writing books and articles on property auctions!)

Still, despite this drawback, I must add that I’m still very much into property auctions. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that the number of properties being auctioned has increased tremendously from five years ago. Today, there are literally hundreds of properties being auctioned each and every week day. While most of them are no good (due to the poor location and high price), I can still find two or three interesting ones every day, which equal to 15 a week and 60 a month! And that is a lot of properties! What’s even more interesting is that the number of properties being auctioned can only increase as more people defaults on their mortgages. (The people using the old formula of buying five properties in one go by taking on monster mortgages are prime candidates to see their properties being repossessed.)

The second and more exciting point is because the quality of the properties being auctioned has also improved. While many of the properties are still located in the not-so-interesting areas, today I see properties in Damansara Heights, Kenny Hills, Mont Kiara, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and even the condos around KLCC being auctioned. The prices of these properties may be too high for most people at this point, but I believe that in the coming days, prices will drop to a more reasonable level, and then things will get really interesting then.

However, I need to add a cautionary note here. Yes, the opportunities in property auctions are there. But that does not mean that one will be raking in the money just because one bought a property from auctions. The traps in property auctions are there and they are mighty big. So those who go in without the relevant know-hows may eventually lose money instead of making it!

This tie in with what I’ve long been saying – anything that comes with an opportunity to make lots of money also comes with the opportunity to lose a lot of money! - by

TEH : Do read his books, very inetrestingly written. One of my first books before I even consider stock-market as my investment vehicles.


10.00 pm : So, BN won Sarawak convincingly, as expected. Do you think KLCI will shoot up like hell on Monday? I should do some homework tmr(tired now) to check on what call-warrants to shoot on Monday when many shooting higher!! I have(unfortunately or what?) cleared most of my positions.

With DOW up 50 points on Friday, many will be swarming back to market to BUY like crazy.


Dayang : RSI at 36. Technically at 1.90 support level. Closed at 1.93. BUY at 1.90.

HSL : Looking at 1.58 level. RSI 25.5(oversold - BUY).

Naim : RSI at 34.6. At 2.92. Will look at 2.85 level, a strong support seen here. Catching a knife here?

Stock Watch

KimLun : In net cash. RSI at 50. High at 1.99, at 1.75 at the moment, MA-20day. Immediate resistance at 1.80, so for those want to be 'safe', buy after it break above 1.80 and continue to ride on it till 1.99 resistance. It breached 1.80 level on 5th April into new high. Watch 1.80 level again. 1.70 will be a nice entry point. OSK giving a TP at 2.30 level. BUY.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

DOW up a little. NEP up 32% in one day(range : USD 3.22 to USD4.70), closed at USD4.30. I written about her days ago as she dived and PE went below 2!! Currently, PE at 2.30, extremely cheap for an oil-stock.

I am at Taiping instead of Lumut(Pangkor). See ... we could plan but plans do change and we need to be flexible. Just as in trading, we do need to be flexible and accept changes of plans.

Will spend half a day here before driving up to Penang. Any Penang KLSE-kaki want to spend me makan and talk about stock-market? Hehe.

HapSeng : It reached my 5.82 level yesterday. RSI at 21 now. Martin and Alex given signals to sell as it breaks strong support. Next level to watch will be 5.42. Yes, HapSeng shot up VERY high due to privitisation news(no logic?) and as the hot-news turning into cold, everyone came to realisation that it is merely news. A news to lure many to buy and push a stock higher. It came from 2.80 all the way to 7.40 level. Imagine the profits .. someone bought it(accumulating) at 2.80, let out the news and selling(ditributing) at 7.00 levels. News ... by the broker houses, newspapers, magz ... are meant for SOMEONE to SELL their stake. Think.

Off for breakfast ... only left a little of UEMLand in hand to sell later, and I will be totally in cash positions. I never seen myself in such a ratio 90 : 10 = cash : stock.

10.05 am : KLCI down 1 points. Just came back from Taiping Lake and Zoo.

I was reading what MooLa written about 'broker reports' which is VERY true. Most of us do not care(including me, of coz) if a company REALLY as reported. What is imporant will be ... how our stocks fairing ... are we profitting from the report? Do you care about HuaYang so-called target price at 2.50? It was traded at RM1 before being 'discovered'. Hmm ...

1 Malaysia

I do wish we could live in harmony, irrespective of colours and creeds. That is only exist THEORITICALLY. We still have many politicians, our so-called leaders who DO NOT cherish to see fairness. Each time election is around the corner, we will see these so-called leaders trying to lead. Sigh.

Do we really have future? We are not even SINCERE to lead the so-called BELOVED country. Who are we kidding to say we have matured leaders? Who are we bluffing to say our country is corrupt-free? We do not even need to get to the root of corruption. We ARE living in it, infested by many 'pests'.

I still love my country, Malaysia. I m glad to live here.

Dear so-called leaders, do you know that I am not a Chinese? I am a Malaysian. Do you know that I do not love China? I even have to get my pass to go to China!! Do you know that? Stop calling me Chinese. I am Malaysian-Chinese, ok? I am here, in Malaysia. I am born in Penang ... opposition or not, Penang is part of Malaysia, stupid. Stop yelling like you care about rakyat. Stop the bull-shitting about the fair developement. Stop the shit.

It gets me mad when I realised that I do love my country, Malaysia. I do have Chinese, Malay, Indian and such students. I never see them as Malay ... I see them as Malaysian. Weird ... am I the distinct species of Malaysians who love their country?

I think I need to stop reading about politics. It gets me mad. I used to follow "Aliran", but I do not think so it is healthy to me. It is better to be ignorant than to be saddened with TRUTH.

1 Malaysia - Lagu Patriotik

Nevertheless, I will bring up my kids to be Malaysian and to love our country.

DOW flat .. doesnt matter much to me as I am a net-seller. I will like to clear off whatever remaining in my hands today - following Dali's point of viewS. In my view, BN will win in Sarawak. I did not ask any bomoh. We shall see ... BN winning 2/3 majority there.

UEMLand : I think I will clear her too, at 2.80 ... my cost price.

Election : The ghost of 2008 Mac election still in me ... I was over-rawed by markets. BN somehow 'lost' the 2/3 majority, KLCI was diving SHARPly. It has been THAT long. 2008 ... It is just a Sarawak state election. No big deal? But many seeing it as a yard-stick on how BN will do ... if there is a coming National Election soon. What will happen to Sarawak-stocks?

The stake is too high and the risk is too great. The ghost of 2008 election haunting me. So, I want to follow the 'wise' ... get out and save your capitals. Do not try to be hero and say that BN sure to win. Perhaps ... Malaysians are more educated now? Perhaps SUDDENLY they realised that we SUPPOSED to be a rich and well-to-do country with so much of resources ... but, you should see that most part of Sarawak is POOR, un-developed. Just give them a pack of 'rice', make them happy and they will vote for us.

I want to write about Bakum Dam. Damn it, I m too busy!!

For the time being, whether BN will win or not, I do not want to face the votality of the current waves. I will be drown.

SPSetia-wb : At Rm2 level. Here is what I will do ... wait for it to drop to RM1.80, then buy more at RM1.60 and RM1.40. Every 20 cents down. Then, every 25 cents up, sell.

TEH : Someone asked me about SPSetia-wb. This is my lame answer. Hmm ...

Stock Watch

HapSeng : RSI 22, wait for 5.75.

TopGlove : RSI 36, at support 4.95. Wait for 4.75.

1.25 pm : A little more work to be done, then I am off today to Pangkor Is. Will like to stay there a night, then to drive up to Penang tmr morning after breakfast. Should be staying at Bt Feringgi and hope to have the energy to drive up to Langkawi. If I m too tired to drive home, then I shall stay a night at Langkawi. These are plans and plan could be changed. These are occupying my mind, not stock markets. My next break will be months later!!

While check on my queues, I failed to clear UEMLand at 2.80. Perhaps, I hv to cut-off for small loss and I am cleared!!

UEMLand : Cleared some at 2.76, seeing 2.77, 2.78 and 2.79.

MPHB-cd : Fear is gripping. I even cleared this babe of mine.

PChem-ca : Cut-off too.

Bye-bye Bursa.

HapSeng : Interesting .... touched a low of 5.81, waiting for 5.75.

TopGlove : Rebounded above RM5 today.

The Importance of Exit Strategy


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


SPRING - Sejujur Mana Kata Kata

Note : I m saddened that Ameng chosen the wrong path. I do still like many of their hitz.

If KLCI back to 1511 or even worse, 1500 today ... will you ready to hold or sell? For those sidelined, will you buy into weakness?

Penang : Will go on Friday morning and back on Sat/Sun.

YTLLand : Still like her, so planning to buy huge into her when market dives further. Perhaps at 1.60 or below. Will that support even hold with such bad sentiments now?

Silence is golden

At this point of time, many are asking AGAIN if we are in bull-market or bear is taking over? We are over-reacting and over-doing. Heck, if one is bullish about market in 2011, and bullish in certain counter(s), buy it more during such a dive. Why let the fear grip on us? But, it will not be the same for those bullish in market yet bearish in the counter he/she holding. Then, it is cut-loss ... and grab something we are positive at. Those bearish in market, bearsih in most of counters, perhaps could look into those defensive and dividends counters. Whichever way, we are still in market!! Or for looong term investors, perhaps markets have peaked and time to wait for the CRISIS again in months/years to come. Perhaps wait for BN losing their grip in Malaysia political scene?

It is better not to put much comments or opinions when many seeing exiting as a choice, cutting losses ... and preserving capitals

10 am : KLCI down 5 points.

Top Losers : Genting, UMW, HapSeng, TopGlove, CyPark, Kulim, Naim.

12.15 pm : KLCI turning around, it is GREEN now. Genting recovering and might form a nice hammer today.

As I am trimming my positions ahead of the uncertain Swak election(and holiday mood), I have no intention to buy any. I will only hold on to the few stocks.

Call-warrants : MPHB-cd and PChem-ca

EAH : Cleared at cost price at 0.430 too.

Lunch time and to continue my marking ... sigh.

Taken from RHB-poll

If you are in the market, this could also help to prepare you better in any of the above eventual results.

o If BN wins and retains 2/3; KLCI will storm to a new high!
o If BN wins but loosses 2/3; KLCI will fall to previous support of 1,474 points
o If PR wins by a simple majority, KLCI will fall to previous support of 1,474 points
o If PR, BN & SNAP wins equal share; KLCI will fall to previous support of 1,474 points
o If PR wins by 2/3; KLCI will fall initially but will eventually storm to a new high in 1-3mths

2.05 pm : I read The Star paper while having lunch. It is a BIG deal to me. You see, normally I have a very short lunch. Normally, I do not buy The Star paper. Normally, I do not read newspaper!! I did that just now! Haha.

Liverpool won ... good.

Fake : We have fake eggs(I dont read newspaper, I heard it from my wife who insisted to buy organic-eggs from 'well-known' suppliers) ... then, I read that we might be given a fake credit-card!! Of coz, we will see some claims on fake VOTES. This is a fake world, anyway. How about this one - a fake rebound only to see it DIVE further down to 1480 level by next week or so?

4.35 pm : Watching KLCI rebounded strongly. InvestMalaysia syndrome? Technical rebound? Whichever ... I m trimming, even with losses as I want to be out. Today is the third day I am clearing and not buying. Let us wait for next week or so ...

TopGlove : Going below RM5. Stalk.

HapSeng : At 5.90 level. Stalk.

MLTR - It's Gonna Make Sense

Life comes in many shapes
You think you know what you got
until it changes

And life will take you high and low
you gotta learn how to walk
and then which way to go

Every choice you make
when you're lost
Every step you take
has it's cause

After you clear your eyes
you'll see the light
somewhere in the darkness
After the rain has gone
you'll feel the sun comes
and though it seems your
sorrow never ends
someday its gonna make sense

Tears you shed are all the same
when you laughed 'till you cried
or broken down in pain

[ Find more Lyrics on ]
All the hours you have
spent in the past
worrying about
a thing that didn't last

Everything you saw
played a part
in everything you are
in your heart

After you clear your eyes
you'll see the light
somewhere in the darkness
After the rain has gone
you'll feel the sun comes
and though it seems your
sorrow never ends
someday its gonna make sense

Someday you’re gonna find the answers
To all the things you’ve become and all they’ve done
At your expense
Someday it’s gonna make sense

After the rain has gone
You’ll feel the sun comes
And though it seems your sorrow never ends
Someday it's gonna make sense
Someday it's gonna make sense

After the rain has gone
You’ll feel the sun comes
And though it seems your sorrow never ends
Someday it's gonna make sense