Thursday, March 31, 2011

泳兒 - 電燈膽

3.35 pm : Parkson moving higher too, at 3.73 now. Yes, me and my big-mouth, asking my turtle YH to clear her GenM and Parkson at resistance. We are in bull-run again la ... heck, KLCI breaks 1530 resistance easily today. GenM and Genting ... yeah.

WCT : I asked her to grab WCT today as I grabbed the WCT-wc this morning. As she is sitting besides me(haha), I am like trading for her!! Haha. Ooopsss ... forgotten that she does read my blog! hehe.

Genting : I am asking her to sell hers too at 11.10. I think I should not ask her to buy/sell la. What do you think, YH? 11.10 is the resistance. Mind you, Genting's RSI at 60+ after today's surge.

Genting-cv : Bought at 0.140 market price. Punt punt punt!! Then, hope ...

WCT-cc : Good leh ... at 0.77o now. Ride on the trend. Be patient ... so tempted to SELL. Hmm ...


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