Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday ... lazying time. I received a reminder to write about DRB-cc. It is a question by a reader on WHY I chosen DRB-cc and not other DRB's babies.

DRBHicom and its CWs

First of all, since DRB shot into fame(you need to read and be around to know why), many IB rushing to issue CW attached to her. Obviously there is money to gain from issuing CWs to many punters(like me).

Q : How do we check or know a call-warrant is listed and the details?

TEH : Simple ... go to your IB's site and check for announcement in listing of CWs or one may check on Bursa's site (click HERE). One as you could see for the past months, DRB is so popularly traded(one of the actively traded stock in KLSE) ... its CWs attracted many too.

There is no good reason which one should we choose but I will try to think of why I have chosen cc.

1. It is one of the most actively traded CW around. Yes, volume is important for short-term contra traders.

2. It is 'cc', coincide with many of of my CWs which I chosen most of its cc!!

3. I have tracked her since it was listed and has been traded her since then!! It is also important for me to trade a CW(or stock) that I stalk for some time. It gave us the 'confidence' of its movements, or so we thought so.

4. Expiry in more than 200 days with low premium making it attractive too. Here, DRB-cb is in money but it is above 80cents. Expensive-la ...

5. Lowest gearing amongst all ... give those kiasi(takut kalah) some comfort! Haha.

6. Add in your own excuses on why you buy this and not that. There never be enough excuses why a punter buying to anything!!


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