Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday morning ... I will have a class later and then going for a gathering!! Yes, seeing my old-classmates(std 3 to form 5 ... most of us were together in Kepong Baru school!!). Some I did not see for 20 years or so! That will be interesting ...


KL stocks expected to rally in Q2: CIMB

Stocks on Bursa Malaysia are expected to rally in the second quarter of 2011 despite global uncertainty stemming from political turmoils in the Middle East and North Africa as well as Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

CIMB Investment Bank Bhd's senior analyst Nigel Foo Chek Keng said the local market had its own cycle and was not affected by the events.

After peaking in January and a period of consolidation thereafter, the bourse would likely bottom out by end of this month, he said.

"The market discounts everything six months to one year ahead.

"At the peak of the economy, the market starts to grow and at the worse of economy, the market starts to rally," he told reporters after delivering a talk on "Market Outlook for Second Quarter 2011 and Beyond" at the Bursa Malaysia's Market Chat 2010/11 in Kuala Lumpur today.

Going forward, Foo said buying interest would continue to focus on rubber glove, timber and oil and gas stocks.

He said this year's FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI target was 1,700 points.

Market Chat 2010/11 is part of a retail investment programme by Bursa Malaysia to encourage greater retail participation in the capital market.

Quah : 在2008年十月,金融风暴的当儿,我却开了投资户口!周围的朋友,家人,全都给于贬低的评语。。。大家都跑了,您还想进???烧到手,血本无归就懂!!!经济会在几时回转,没人可以预知。。。股市会再崩溃吗?!很大很大的问号!我的Stock Life就这样开始了。。。

This is a blog for TA-kaki. I just 'discovered' his blog from The chinese characters introducing himself and said he entered market at 2008 Oct, seeing market crashing. I think that should be the best time to be in the market!!

5.30 pm : Just came back from a nice laughing-session! Haha. We are 'young' again ... as when you get together with your childhood friends, we talked about how silly we were and things we have done. We are grown up enough to laugh at each other!! Haha. Nice ... but only 10 of us - 7 ladies and 3 guys(including me).

Most not in stock-market, so we do not speak about markets!! Except for SC, none will speak about stocks!! And she asked me about Encorp for Sarawak-rally?! Encorp?!! Hmm ... not in my stalk list. A quick check on its fundamental, it is not good. Anyway, we should NOT advise anyone to buy or not to buy. We could only give our opinions, if our opinions worth listening to.

Sarawak-stocks : Naim, Dayang and HSL are OK. To me, Encorp is purely speculative.


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