Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Stock Watch

Proton : My watch level of 3.60, so I placed it lower at 3.48. Huge increase in selling volumes seen, showing that it is will dive further down. This one BAD management and business. What else Proton needs now? A strategic partner or investor? Lotus? F1? What are they thinking, actually?

Alam : Looking at 0.88 and 0.84 level. RSI 27 and I think is selling pressure will still be there. No thanks to the 'bad' earning reports.OSK still stick to target price of RM1.50? Or downgrading her immediately?

LionInd : What a dive today. Touched 1.75, closed at 1.80. RSI 28. Another sign of weakness in steel-stocks.

UEMLand : Waiting at 2.60 not done. It touched 2.66 yesterday and today closed with a buy-signal. I may target to take profit at 2.90 level, instead of 3.20 level as planned earlier. It closed at 2.75, my cost price today. UEM-cc closed at 0.385, with similar buy-signal. Wait for confirmation.


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