Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stock Watch : Rebounds in action

Alam : Buying at 0.88 could be a good entry. Technically, signs of rebound seen. Volume stays low. Resistance at 1.04, another 10% upside to go. At 0.94, resisted by MA20d, and needs to break this 20MA for short-term bullishness. Volumes need to increase to0.

E&O : Closed above resistance 1.11 but no-much volume to support the rebound. MACD and stochastic showing downtrending. So, the decision should be ... wait?

LionInd : Moving to 1.70 level, signals of rebounding in making. As I 'hypothetically' bought at 1.60, selling should be at 1.80. Recalling my plan for this trade. See how it works out.

ScomiEng : Closed at 0.85, RSI at 50. Bullish signals. BUY. Resistance at 0.94. The news of getting the LRT/MRT projects in Brazil(and news about Mumbai always out. Wonder why they need to play in such news?).

SigGas : Gapped up, RSI 50. Bullish signs of rebounding. Increased in volumes seen. Waiting for breaking of 1.02 with higher volume, BUY. Next resistance at 1.12 and 1.22.


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