Thursday, March 03, 2011

Stock Watch

E&O : Support at 1.11, should be a good entry. Supported at MA200d, nice chart. Rebound seen. Last Sat I was showing one of my turtle EK her Annual Report, and look into its cooperate's structure.

IJMLand-wa : Extreme oversold, at 1.20 level. Time to re-consider her. I caught a knife when it dived. I do still like IJMLand as a property-play.

MahSing : Nice chart, showing signs of rebound. So, I grabbed her through cb(up 10% today).

IGB : I drew MA60d(instead of 50MA) and noticed that it rebounded each time at 60MA. So, currently hammer formed at 60MA again. Time to move in ...

11.10 pm : DOW up 150 points. It is BULL running again. Then, bear ... and bull. Hmm ... I bought property-stocks YTLLand(added) at 1.60 and MahSing-cb at 0.275 today. I was thinking of IGB.

MHB-ce : See if it could fly to re-coup my losses.

Note : I am still in the bull camp. While I do think O&G could run higher, I liken property-stocks most.


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