Friday, March 11, 2011

A pause from blogging

1. To spend more time with family and friends
2. To read some books which not related to financial or markets.
3. To watch TV - my fav NGO/Discovery channel and subscribe to Astro-in-Demand.
4. To get back into my games - bowling and badminton. To jog.
5. To watch movies and play some computer games.
6. To meditate and slow down my pace. To pray.

These are things I will want to do. So, to find the time, I will read less biz-news, trade and blogging.

I have a realisation that I am doing too much of things at one time and the stress is getting into me. So, I am going to place my priorities right and letting go many more I planned to do. I want to control the pace rather than being controlled.

Hence, there will be less writing here. Many of times, I could not get my thoughts organised and to write well here. It is also due to congestions of the traffic in my thoughts. It will take some time but I am determine to have a more balanced life.

Thanks for some concerned words.

Have a nice weekend.


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