Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday .... exams starts this week for two weeks or so. I will be sort of free, not teaching but with hundreds of exams papers to mark. One sheet of 3-hour exam paper will take me around 1 hour to mark. With total around 120 students, I will be bogged down with marking for these coming weeks ...

Digista-wa : As I only have intention of short-punt, clearing half at 0.205 and another half at 0.210. I bought at 0.190.

MahSing-cb : I hv cleared half at 0.335, so I m queuing to clear all at 0.355.

9.10 am : Digistar-wa cleared all at 0.205 and 0.210. MahSing-cb cleared all at 0.355. Good.

Perisai : Grabbed back at 0.770 done so far.

10.05 am : Grabbed back Digistar-wa for short-day trading today. Also, grabbed back some Mahsing-cb at 0.35 as she is still moving higher.

10.45 am : Cleared all Digistar-wa again ... it is too high now.

MudaJaya-cd : Grabbed at 0.085 today.

PChem-ca : Grabbed back at 0.365 done today too.

At resistance : GenM and DRB reaching resistance. SELL to me.

1.25 pm : I just slapped myself for grabbing MudaJaya-cd. Haha.


p/s : There is something not right with the spacing!! I could not place the spacing!! Need to report to blogger.

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