Monday, March 21, 2011

Liverpool won ... complete my day as a very good day. With 9 of my ex-classmates ... the gathering was fantastic. I enjoyed the company and laughters. Haha.

Libya : Under siege ... I wonder why US-lead kuncu-kuncu going for war(again) this time if not for the OIL(black gold). I am saddened by such stupidity of human-unkind. Why killing each other for the sake of OIL? Greed ... economic gains, political-strong-hold. I am not siding Libya, but questioning the stupidity of HUMAN. Why war?

What money can't buy?

As I m grown-up enough to reflect ... that money, money alone will NOT make anyone any happier. I am still a believer that MONEY could not buy me happiness asmy simple 'needs' have nothing much to do with money. Can MONEY buy PEACE?

Money could buy us a nicest and so-called most expensive bed/mattress ... but not a good sleep.

Today, my old-friends shown me that money could not buy a simple friendship!! Not with money. If a friend being with you only when you are 'well-to do' or could benefit them financially, then friendship couldnt last. Long lasting friendship came from accepting each other, laugh it out our silliness and sincerity to preserve it.

Thanks for my old-friends for making my day. It worth a whole page, much more than my charts.


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