Saturday, March 26, 2011

It is SAT again ... I could not attend to CNX's meeting and supposed to do some chart-analysis presentation there, to be recorded and being 'judged'. Then, I might be called to attend an interview to become a co-trainer or trainer.

I dont know when I will be free ... I am always not available. So, I might have to postpone my intention to be a trainer ... Sat is my tuition-day ... I will have classes from 8am till 5 pm today.

DOW up(again?) and bull continues to run. March is ending, I hope my profits could cover(partially) the Feb losses. With recovery in UEMLand and YTLLand, my paper-losses turn into paper-gains now. I have sold part of YTLLand yesterday as it is reaching resistance at 1.89-1.93. Another half portion will be sold at next resistance level. Yes, buy them during weakness(due to Libya or Japan or what-so-ever excuses) and about time to clear them into strength now.

Warrants : I bought QL-wa(0.90) and Masteel-wa(0.605 before closing) yesterday. QL-wa will be for looonger term but Masteel-wa for shorter term trading.

Glove-stocks : As more positive reports on them, I am re-looking into Supermax and Kossan. I am still holding to TopGlove with average 5.25 and will sell at 5.50(1k unit - for second time) for another Rm500 profits. By the time it reaches RM6, I will have cleared all for a total of RM1,500 profits. That translated about 15% profits for my aunty in about half year!! Her 3% FD is pathetic, I told her. Topglove is hers ... I am looking at Supermax(and cd) or Kossan(and ca).

Time to go to work whole day ... to collect bullets.

Tonight's work : Looking into banking's CWs : AMMB, CIMB, Maybank, etc etc.

11.05 pm : Has been watching movie as I promised myself. haha. Great.

Step Up 3D

As I like break-dancing, hip-hop and rap. So, I will give this dance-show a high rating!!

have a nice weekend.


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