Tuesday, March 01, 2011

HSI up 350 points and DOW closed 100 points higher. Do you think we could see rebound in KLCI? Everyone hope so.

YTLLand : At support 1.64. RSI at 40, looking at 1.47(MA100d). Stochastic at oversold. Will wait to collect more below RM1.50?

E&O : Support at MA200d. Closed at 1.11, looking at 1.06 now. RSI at 35.

Malton : Next critical support at 0.565. RSI 24, I dont know if I will be dare enough to punt into her below 0.565.

Conclusion : E&O can wait. Collect more of YTLLand below 1.50 and buy Malton at current 0.56 level. Risk is high.

10.20 am : KLCI up 4.5 points ... watching CIMB, still in RED. I do think it will move higher from here. She is a sexy babe ... many want a piece of her and the good-profits registered stamping the fact that she is sexy.

OSK Research: Buy into weakness, KLCI year-end target 1,680

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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 08:35

KUALA LUMPUR: OSK Research said despite relatively strong results from a number of blue chips in February, the market still retreated and ended up in the red so far in 2011.

In its research note on Tuesday, March 1, it said selling was largely attributed to concerns arising from political unrest in the Middle East although it continued to see limited risk if this does not spread to Saudi Arabia.

“With the 4Q2010 earnings results season over, we unveil our 2011 KLCI year-end target of 1680, which is the average of the 2011 KLCI fair value (1,648) and that for 2012 of 1,710.

“We continue to advocate Buying into Weakness for sectors such as Banking and to trade in O&G, constructions and property plays. We are also adding a slightly defensive flavor to our Top Buys for March. While the market remains volatile for now, we see an election driven rally towards year-end,” it said.

WOW ... that is a very positive and bullish outlook by OSK. Do you think we will breach 1600 level or break 1400 level from the current 1500 level? Bull or Bear?

Parkson : One of my turtle told me she bought Parkson yesterday! I queued for her at 5.20 but not done. She bought at 5.30. I want to see what will happen to her trade!!


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