Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DOW up. KLSE's turnover above RM2.1b showing that retailers are back in vengence. So, THINK of SELLING as many uncles-aunties surging in. Many into timber-stocks today. I am out.

YTLLand : I am thinking of clearing off soon too. Too crowded.

UEMLand : Time to clear more of her, lagging.

What to buy tmr? Nothing!! I dont know ... I will be very busy, hours of invigilating and tmr is my Maths paper.

So, tmr is SELLING of YTLLand. Nothing much in my hands to sell - just a few PChem-ca, MahSing-cb, Sapcres-cc to sell for another 10% profits in days, I hope.

I sold PChem-ca, Masteel-wa, Evergreen today ... sell when many swarming-in. Buy when they are in FEAR again.

KN : It is time to clear some KSL which you bought at 1.67. Good luck, bro.



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