Friday, March 25, 2011

DOW up another 80+ points ... why arent we bullish? Volumes in KLSE is nothing great, many are cautious and some have exited markets. The double-dip theories are being played again.

11.05 am : KLCI green ... at 1517.

PChem-ca : Sold all at 0.36 done.

MahSing-cb : Showing some positive signs. Sold half at 0.335. Hold to the other half.

Digistar-wa : Punted into her, grabbed at 0.190 done. I checked and I m the 'lucky' few to grab at 0.190.

DRB-cd : Punted at 0.170.

Perisai : Grabbed 0.73 yesterday, at 0.75 now. RSI at high level ... thinking of clearing for small profits.

QL-wa : Started to collect her at 0.90. It is one of new warrant that I like for loooong term. Together with KFC-wb and QSR-wb too. But, I chosen QL-wa as it is 90cents, KFC-wb at 1.40+ and WSR-wb at 2.20+.

SPSetia-wb : PT told me happily he sold her days ago at 1.70 for 10% profits. I asked him why not wait at 1.75 resistance? It is at 1.77 today. I hope I have not influenced many to take 10% profits?

Warrants : AnnJoo-wb, BRDB-wa, Gamuda-wd, IJM-wc, IJMLand-wa, KPJ-wa, Seg-wa, SPSetia-wb, WCT-wb ... I like warrants.

11.30 am : Efficen flying today. Missed her ...

Perisai : Cleared at 0.76, enough for a nice dinner tonight.

12.05 pm : Perisai still goreng high, at 0.775 now. Hmm ...

3.20 pm : Kinda free now ...

YTLLand : Cleared half at 1.86-1.87 done today. Yes, I m in selling spree ...

GenM : I asked my turtle, YH, to sell GenM today at 3.59-3.60 as she bought at 3.26. This will be her second time traded on GenM ... previously was 3.20 to sell at 3.55. Good. GenM at resistance and high RSI now.


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