Friday, March 04, 2011

DOW up almost 200 points. Time to buy again? A rollercoaster ride ... with a wilder swing. Today up, next week down another 20 points, how?

Malton : Proposing right-issue .. which is not in the right-timing? Does the weakness in the price now an opportunity to buy?

MahSing-cb : Clearing half at 0.30.

10.10 am : Sold part of MS-cb, queue to grab back at 0.290 not done yet.

YTL : Anyone following her ... she is rebounding, recovering from extreme over-sold region I mentioned last week. Hey, she is 30-index-linked counter, right? She is sexy too, right?

無間道 - 劉德華 梁朝偉

2.45 pm : A peep at KLCI, up 15 points. Bullish but note that the turnover is below RM1b. It is almost 3pm. Many stocks up 5%.

Malaysia PM won't rule out early election

Written by Reuters
Friday, 04 March 2011 10:20

MELBOURNE: Malaysia's prime minister said on Friday he had not ruled out an early election and that he needed no mandate at the polls to proceed with key reforms, like the introduction of a goods and services tax, according to Reuters.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak, whose National Front (BN) coalition suffered record losses to the opposition in 2008, has pledged to restore investor confidence in Malaysia by pursuing reforms, including introducing the twice-delayed tax.

In an interview, Najib said a good showing in a forthcoming election in the politically important state Sarawak would help assess the public mood and perhaps provide a pointer towards calling an early general election before one is due in 2013.

Faber : Strong rebound by her from extreme oversold region. Missed her.

DRB-cc : Rebounds from 0.30 level ... moving back in. And HOPE.



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