Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DOW up again 80 points. The bullish feeling is there, so more late-comers will be back today. It is really about time to sell if one bought one/two weeks ago.

End of Month : This month should be positive but I need to calculate to see if Jan + Mac = Feb.

Write about Proton later.

12.15 pm : VERY busy.

YTLLand : Cleared all at 1.94 done. I still like her, so stalk.

PChem-ca : Cleared all for profits too. I m riding on Sapcres-cc, instead.

MudaJaya-cd : Cleared half at 0.085, luckily didnt cut-loss yesterday at 0.08. LOL.

DRB-cd : Remembering that I cut-loss at 0.165 last week ... sigh. Grabbed back at 0.190 market price now. I cleared as DRB reaching resistance. I grabbed today as it is breakout.

Sapcres-cc : Bought at 0.425 yesterday morning. At 0.465, more rooms to move higher? Seeing 0.475, current high.

LionInd : Bought 1.60, sold 1.80 today. Done. Remember this 'hypothetical' trade?

5.15 pm : Bullish ... KLCI up 10 points. Bull running again ... yeah!! buy buy ... but I am selling. Sold YTLLand at 1.94. Sold PChem-ca and Sapcres-cc for another 10% profits.

Sold too early : Perisai, PChem-ca, Masteel-wa and Digista-wa. I took profits the next day but these shot higher!! We cant have it all.

UEMLand : It is moving above 2.80 now.

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