Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DOW up 180 points ... so, are you bullish again? What if ... next week we are down another 20 points, will you be bearish again? It is hard on us, those short-term traders in market as we need to endure the very high day-votality. So, as I am very busy, I am taking a break from trading but holding to few of my babes, adding when it shows some signs of revival ...

Call-warrants : I am only holding to MHB-ce and PChem-ca. Both are oil-stocks. Thinking of MahSing-cb and DRB-cc, the two CWs I traded many of times.

1.55 pm : Tired. Lack of sleep as I woke up 2.30am to mark test-papers(till 4am). Next week is exams week. So, many students looking for last-minute revisions.

Notebook : As I no longer bring back my note-book, I do not online once I back home. By the time I am home, it is about 8pm +. I only have little time to be with my wife&kids. Yes, they are what I am working hard for. So, it is only logical to be with them. :)

PChem : Technically, I am waiting for breakout of the resistance. If breakout fails, I will cut-off(again).

MahSing-cb : Welcome back ... I hope I will keep you much longer this time around.

DRB-cc : Missed her. Letting go ...

Have to go and classes till 7 pm today. That is all, I think. Off


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