Friday, March 04, 2011

1.05 am :DOW up 180 points. Bull running or ...

I will be too busy to monitor as I will have more classes with another two new tuition classes starting next week.

Tmr(later actually) I need to run to Uni-Hospital to get my daughter's rubber-shoe, which costing me RM500. I know I will be hearing her crying for first few days wearing her new-shoe but doctor said it is necessary. Sorry, baby.

Time to rest and zzzzzz ... hope I wont dream of AZRB again. Haha. Oh yes, I dreamt of sharing in public the chart of AZRB in a canteen. Cant remember the details but I was definitely nervous as it was my first time standing in public, sharing my opinion on a chart!! But, why the lousy AZRB? I dont like her fundamentally. So, I do not touch.



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